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Android Cradles

Top 10 Cradles for Android

1Bracketron NanoTek StandBracketron NanoTek Stand

Finally there's a desktop stand that can hold your mobile device in any position without sticky or messy adhesives! How exactly does the NanoTek Stand work? It's easy: simply place the stand anywhere around your desk that's most comfortable for you and p...(More)

 Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5 (15 Ratings)
2Nite Ize QuikStand Mobile Device StandNite Ize QuikStand Mobile Device Stand

Stop using makeshift stands to prop up your mobile device at your desk. Nite Ize's QuickStand provides stability at a comfortable viewing angle for both smartphones and tablets! Fitting devices up to 7", the QuickStand features a sleek, brushed aluminum ...(More)

 Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5 (28 Ratings)
3TYLT ENERGI Desktop Charging StationTYLT ENERGI Desktop Charging Station

The TYLT ENERGI Desktop Charging Station is no ordinary USB charging hub. This Charging Station is your central charging solution for your home or office. The Charging Station serves as the heart to your charging needs, giving you a place to recharge your...(More)
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 Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5 (28 Ratings)
4TYLT VÜ Blade Fast Wireless ChargerTYLT VÜ Blade Fast Wireless Charger

  The TYLT VÜ Blade Fast Wireless Charger is designed to maximize freedom. Use as a flat pad or upright stand. Adjustable coil moves to avoid deadspots. Fast charges Samsung devices. Compatible devices : • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge&b...(More)
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 Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5Score 4.1/5 (28 Ratings)
5Patriot FUEL iON Magnetic Wireless Charging Case and Stand for Samsung Galaxy S46Arkon Stand for Tablets in Kitchen, Desk, & Travel
Patriot FUEL iON Magnetic Wireless Charging Case and Stand for Samsung Galaxy S4

The FUEL iON case and charge base kit for the Android creates a revolutionary way to charge without the hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging power cords. The case offers edge-to-edge protection and easy access to buttons and ports, while the charg...(More)

Arkon Stand for Tablets in Kitchen, Desk, & Travel

Arkon's stand fits all tablets including iPad's and your Android. It's very travel-friendly. Toss it in your gear bag or backpack, you can take it with you wherever you take your Android.Watch movies, read an eBook or recipe in the kitchen, surf the web, ...(More)

Score 5/5 (1 ratings)
7Amzer Stando Universal Stand for 7 - 11 Inch Tablets8Ventev Desktop Charging Hub s500
Amzer Stando Universal Stand for 7 - 11 Inch Tablets

Designed with you in mind, Stando™ delivers the freedom to interact with your tablet while in the home, office or classroom. This case-compatible universal stand features a 360º rotating tablet cradle for a landscape or portrait view. Easy to i...(More)

Ventev Desktop Charging Hub s500

The Ventev desktop charginghub s500 eliminates the hassle of climbing under your desk by bringing the AC outlets and USB charging ports to you. charge up to three (3) devices at once via the three (3) USB outputs with one dedicated rapid charge USB p...(More)

Score 5/5 (1 ratings)
Score 4/5 (1 ratings)
9Seidio Type C Desktop Charging Cradle  
Seidio Type C Desktop Charging Cradle

SEIDIO DESKTOP CHARGING CRADLE TYPE C compatible ONLY with MicroUSB Type-C compatible devices. Our newest Desktop Cradle now comes with a MicroUSB Type-C* connector. The matte finish provides elegance to your desk or nightstand while the sleek LED light ...(More)

Score 2.5/5 (2 ratings)

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