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Aquapac Handheld Case

Other Android accessories by Aquapac
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Android Aquapac Handheld Case

Product Description

The Aquapac case is fully waterproof to a depth of 15 feet. It is also salt-water and UV (sunlight) resistant, this case will keep most Android phones clean and dry in any conditions, the Aquaclip seal makes sure it stays free from dirt, dust and sand. The Aquapac is a tough, waterproof plastic sheath with a patented Aquaclip Locking Closure System. It comes with a carry cord and most Android phones can still be used while in the case through the special window, even phone calls can be received and placed, although the microphone's sensitivity is somewhat reduced.

With the Aquapac you will never have to worry about taking most Android phones to the beach or on the boat again!

  • Includes a stylus holder
  • Guaranteed 100% waterproof to 5 metres (15 feet)
  • Dust and sand-proof
  • Your device will float in water
  • Suitable for the Android phone and other Smartphones, MP3 players, smaller cameras etc.

androidcentral Expert Review

Aquapac weather-resistant case
Reviewed by Phil Nickinson
I love smartphones. And I love water. And, obviously, those two things don't exactly go hand-in-hand. But enter the Aquapac water-resistant case, and I'm no longer afraid to take my phones to the beach, on a boat -- or down a 17-foot water slide.

The Aquapac case is rated as 100 percent waterproof down to 15 feet, is dust- and sand-proof, floats on water and fits just about every smartphone that's out there.


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Star Star Star Star Star Nexus
User: Richard F, May 2, 2014
Pros: very helpful accessories for my Nexus 5
Cons: none yet
I am still playing with the accessories. I love the Nexus belt clip. The earphones are great - good quality sound. Thank you
Star Star Star Star Star Two Thumbs up
User: Tonny S, Sep 7, 2011
Its very water proof and useful!
Star Star Star Star Star Saved my phone!
User: Wendy Kelly B, Sep 8, 2010
Pros: Waterproof, dust proof, paint proof. Best case for an active lifestyle.
Cons: Could have a better way to attach to body than a string. Gets hot if in direct sun even for a minute.
I work in our one-acre yard for 3-4 hours daily. Digging, watering, pruning, weeding. We also have a 2,000 gallon pond. In addition, we are rebuilding our deck. Im the official painter/stainer.

With all this water, dust and paint, my phone would have died at least twice now. The last time, I had set up a hose to add water to the pond. As I walked away, the nozzle shifted an shot me right in the hip, drenching my Aquapac, but not my EVO. The phone was dry.

Best case Ive ever owned.

Star Star Star Star Star awesome
User: Mike L, Aug 15, 2010
Pros: easy to use, lanyard is helpful,
Cons: -
This thing works as advertised. I just took it to a water park and it functioned perfectly to protect my Droid X. I even took some funny video of us getting soaked in the rapids. Its easy to use and is 100 waterproof. I even played papertoss underwater in the pool! I thought the demo vid said you couldnt use the touch underwater but I was able to on multiple occasions with my DX.
Star Star Star Star Star May as well use a Zip-Loc
User: Martin A, Feb 10, 2012
Pros: Does what it says
Cons: Could be done cheaper
This is just a waterproof pouch..You could accomplish the same thing with a Zip-Lock Freezer Bag..Save your money.

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