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Arkon Weighted "Friction Style" Dash Mount & Holder

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Android Arkon Weighted

Product Description

ARKON offers the most extensive selection of weighted "friction style" dash mounts. These are also sometimes called "Bean Bag Mounts" In states (California and Minnesota) where the use of windshield suction pedestals is prohibitied, the Friction Dash Mount is just one of the many alternative mounts offered by ARKON.

The design of ARKON's Weighted Friction Dash Mount focuses on safety. Sewn into the backside of the Weighted Dash Mount is a Safety Loop. ARKON's Friction dash mount also includes a plastic hook that can be adhered to your dash. Though not required, once adhered to the dash, users connect the loop to the hook at any time to insure the stability of the weighted friction dash mount.

Package Contents:

(1) Weighted “friction style” dash mount

(1) Travelmount mini windshield mount

(1) Universal mobile phone cradle / holder

(1) Optional adhesive safety hook (recommended but not required)

(1) Alcohol cleaning pad

Do not place mount in or near an air bag deployment zone or
where it will obstruct view of the road.

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Star Star Star Star Star Great cradle
User: est e, Dec 30, 2011
Pros: does not jiggle, car charger fits, easy mount
Cons: -
I bought this for my husband this Christmas 2011. I was skeptical that it would work or that he would be able to charge his phone based on the negative reviews, but I thought Id try it. He has an HTC Droid Incredible.

The car charger fits and so does the auxiliary cable. It mounts on the dashboard and you can move it anywhere since it is the friction style. Meaning, its not stuck in one place if you find you dont like it there.

It stays in place and does not jiggle when the car is in motion. He finds it very easy to use, and I dont have to worry so much about rear-end collisions now that he doesnt take his eyes completely off the road to change the music or reroute his directions. :)
Star Star Star Star Star Best phone holder anywere.
User: Mark H, Feb 22, 2011
Pros: A wonderfull sized bean bag that holds. A good window suction mounts sytem. Sturdy constrution.
Cons: NONE
This is a well designed product. from its large suction cup holder for window mounts. To its u shaped bean bag dash holder. This unit really gives you best of both worlds.
The suction cup is made of a better quality plastic that holds to the window better then most. The design is flawless. The holder has almost limitless placements.
The bean bag friction mount is a well thought out piece. It does not slide around a lot on its own. It comes with a hook that is sticky taped to the dash for those who want to have it completely stationary. The metal placement for the suction is big enough to give a winning combination of directions to mount. The bag is just enough weight to stay put, but not enough to make it hard to move from car to car.
The button release sides make it great for all kinds of phone. I have the HTC EVO with a otter box. It fits in perfectly. The soft foam pads are of good quality. They hold the phone in place.
The swivel mount ball on the back, enables me to lay the phone side ways or stand up with out any effort. I can use the phone (while parked of course) and not have to hold the phone. The bottom tabs gives just enough room to plug in the power cord to charge the phone.
My wife loved it enough, that she took it and is using it in her car. I will have to get another one for me.
Star Star Star Star Star Perfect!
User: Cecilia R, Aug 1, 2010
Pros: You dont have to mount *anything* *anywhere*
Cons: none that I can see
I love this style mount. I have a similar bean bag mount for my GPS..however, since getting the HTC Incredible I dont think Ill be using my Garmin since the Incredible has a truly great navigation tool that I like far better.
Star Star Star Star Star Well designed car mount.
User: Jim C, Oct 6, 2011
Pros: Sturdy beanbag mount stays nicely on the dash.
Cons: Might be too light weight for everyday use.only time will tell.
Overall it seems like a well-designed product. It fits perfectly with my Droid Bionic in its Otterbox Defender case. The clamping mechanism seems to be made out of lightweight plastic only time will tell if it is strong enough for everyday use. The beanbag pad is heavy enough to stay on the dash, but it comes with a mounting hook to tether it if you think it might not stay put. I would recommend this product if you need a mounting system to fit a phone that is too large for the stock mount.
Star Star Star Star Star mount strenth
User: Daniel p, Oct 11, 2014
Pros: -
Cons: it will not hold your phone that well with the protective sheld on it
The protective sheld I have for my phone has openings for all the attachments so there is no need to take it off . You mount just fit it is very tight. and it want hold the phone that well.
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