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Body Glove Satin Ultra Slim Case

Other Android accessories by Body Glove
List Price: $24.99
Price: $16.95
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Android Body Glove Satin Ultra Slim Case

Product Description

The Android phone Satin Case from Body Glove brings case innovation alive again with its brushed aluminum texture and trimmed high gloss accents for an all-around reliable solution against damage.

Designed to custom fit most Android phones, the Satin Case's flexibility makes it easy to install and remove when necessary. The glossy accents around the back and sides of the case enhance the contrast from the unique brushed aluminum texture. Each port and button on the device has an opening on the case, even leaving the screen and display accessible at all times.

The wear-resistant material that the Satin Case is made from will enhance your grip and shield against scratches and impacts if and when they occur, keeping your device just like new. Don't worry about form factor, either. The Satin Case keeps an incredibly slim and sleek profile at all times.


  • Brushed aluminum texture
  • Enhanced grip
  • High gloss accents
  • Protects against scratches and impacts
  • Flexible; easy to install and remove
  • Access to all features of device
  • Wear-resistant material
  • Slim and sleek profile

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

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Star Star Star Star Star I just bought this 2 weeks ago at full price and its worth it.
User: Joe S, Feb 3, 2015
Pros: Cut-outs for the power and volume buttons reduce false pushes.
Cons: could be a little slimmer.
I bought this after having a case mate naked tough case and a diztronic flexible TPU case. i use them with a galexy S5 holster from Seidio. Dhe Deiztronic is the best fit for that holster but both previous cases had embedded button extensions for the power and volume buttons that caused undesired button presses when i would reach down for a tool or even to tie my shoe. Sometimes even rebooting my phone. This case has cut-outs for those buttons instead. this results in recessed buttons that I have not accidentally pressed since I got this case. My only regret is that I missed this deal (2/3/15) so I paid full price. Even at that, it was totally worth it.
Star Star Star Star Star OK for a case, there are better looking ones out
User: john g, Feb 3, 2015
Had their case for my Galaxy S3 and loved it. It was slim, had texture on sides for better grip, and provided protection against wear & tear and occassional drops. Its too bad their recent cases are bulky and not easy on the eyes.

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