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Body Glove Tactic Case

Other Android accessories by Body Glove
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Android Body Glove Tactic Case

Product Description

The Body Glove Tactic Case features dual layer protection in a sleek design for most Android phones. The inside of the case is composed of a gel material that is impact resistant and the exterior is a hard shell that defends most Android phones against bumps, scratches, and more. Gel side grips provide extra cushioning and make the case comfortable to hold.

Featured on the Tactic case are cutouts for the charging port, headphone jack and kickstand. The remaining buttons of the device are covered, but raised to provide protection and easy access.


  • Custom fit for Android phone
  • Cutouts for charging port, headphone jack, and kickstand
  • Impact resistant
  • Gel side grips


Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

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Star Star Star Star Star Good case with lots of protection -- and cheaper than the Otterbox!
User: Zan H, Jul 19, 2012
Pros: Inner rubber and outer hard shell provide lots of protection, good fit, prevents against accidental button presses, fits well in Sprint/iBolt Car Dock
Cons: Bulky, gap between back of phone and case, no protection for camera, opening around microUSB port too small for some USB cables without minor trimming.
I got this case at the Sprint store and have been pretty happy with it. The combination of the hard plastic outside and the silicone inside seems to offer a lot of protection, and there is a nice lip to protect the screen. All the holes seem to be in the right places and the buttons work well. The power button is a bit difficult to press, but I actually like this as it prevents it from being accidentally locked in my pocket (it only there were a way to disable the Sense ring lock).

It does make the phone noticeably bulkier, especially on the back where the case bulges out a bit (there is a 1mm gap between the phone and the case. Still, the overall package is no thicker than my naked HTC Hero. The added side thickness also means that the phone doesnt stand up as much when using the kickstand.

Ive removed it a couple of times and had no problems with the back cover coming off, but I was careful to follow the removal instructions (at least on the Sprint version, it comes with instructions telling you to remove it starting with the bottom corner next to the microphone, followed by the other bottom corner, following by sliding the top out). It fits the car dock well with the insert removed and with some minor adjustment of the foam pads.

There is no protection to prevent dust and grime from getting on the camera, so I carved out the soft rubber around the camera opening and molded a silicone plug using the silicone caulk/corn starch mixture described at

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