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Clingo Universal Vent Mount

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List Price: $19.99
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Android Clingo Universal Vent Mount

Product Description

The Clingo Universal Vent Mount allows you to keep your phone where you can glance at it if you need to, without taking your attention from the road.  The ball and socket joint and pivoting arm provide infinite adjustability to ensure proper viewing angles.

The Clingo sticky pad holds your phone securely, yet let's it go when you're ready to exit the car without leaving any residue. Let your phone stick to Clingo, so you can stick to driving.

The Clingo Universal Vent Mount is easy to install, and a great way to mount your phone with or without a hard shell protective case.


  • Mutli-axis adjustment for infinite viewing angles
  • Quick and easy installation to your vehicle vent
  • Hands-free viewing for most Android phones
  • No residual residue left on most Android phones

User Ratings & Opinions

Avg. Rating
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52 total ratings
(7 reviews)
35% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
12% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
8% rated Score 3/5 Score 3/5 Score 3/5 51
15% rated Score 2/5 Score 2/5 51
31% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star SoSo
User: Brent H, Mar 17, 2012
Worked good at first and again after cleaning the pad with distilled water

Vent clip broke apart on second attempt to remove for cleaning
Star Star Star Star Star Cracked pad
User: G E, Jun 10, 2014
After 2 months the green pad split and now sticky ooze leaks everywhere rendering mount useless.
Star Star Star Star Star Not for a Moto X
User: Steve S, Mar 7, 2014
Pros: Good for flat back phones
Cons: Not good for the curved back of a Moto X
Got it for my Samsung S3. Worked fine without a case. With a case just ok. Useless for a Moto X
Star Star Star Star Star Green material doesnt like heat
User: B P, Dec 29, 2012
I keep my phone uncased so this mount was perfect - for about three months. Spring in Southern California was hot enough to break down the green cling material to the point where half of it came off with my phone.
Star Star Star Star Star Ok, if it phone stays.
User: Jose C, May 14, 2012
Pros: No need to adjust anything to get the phone on the mount.
Cons: Gets dirty quickly causing to fail often. Seems my ride is to rough for the phone to stay on.
First I liked the idea of not having to worry about the buttons being covered by the mount holder. But in practice it leaves much to be desired. My phone is on a seido surface case and because it is not a completely flat surface this mount may not hold my phone as well as others. The "pad" held my phone securely for all of 1 mile before the bumps on the road caused the phone to fly off. In addition because i like driving with the windows down this cause a build up that had to be cleaned of the pad daily. I guess back to the cup holder goes my phone.
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