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Griffin Technology PowerJolt Dual Universal Micro 1 Amp

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Android Griffin Technology PowerJolt Dual Universal Micro 1 Amp

Product Description

The Griffin PowerJolt Dual is a Universal USB charger or MP3 players and other devices that get their power through USB. Plug most Android phones's USB cable in and charge from almost any vehicle's 12 volt accessory outlet with this low-profile, micro form-factor PowerJolt.


  • The Industry's most trusted 12 Volt USB Charger
  • Charges iPhone, iPod, MP3 Players, other USB-Chargable Devices, 2 at a time
  • Arrive at your destination with a fully-charged device
  • Built-in resettable SmartFuse protects against over-voltage with no fuses to replace
  • Individual lighted charge indicators show charging status at a glance, for each socket
  • 5 watts per port (5 volts @ 1 amp)

User Ratings & Opinions

Avg. Rating
Score 3.3Score 3.3Score 3.3Score 3.3Score 3.3
109 total ratings
(5 reviews)
42% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
17% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
4% rated Score 3/5 Score 3/5 Score 3/5 51
6% rated Score 2/5 Score 2/5 51
30% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Not bad
User: Jordan H, Mar 28, 2011
IT DOESNT CHARGE YOUR PHONE, but what it does do is keep your battery level where its at when you get in the car so it doesnt waste your battery for GPS.
Star Star Star Star Star Not worth the effort
User: J D, Aug 4, 2012
Pros: None
Cons: Did not charge my S3
I bought two.
Fit poorly in car socket, had to twist and twist to get it to connect.
Its a new car.
Then it would not charge my S3 if the S3 was on.
The trickle charge coming out was useless.
Star Star Star Star Star No Juice for the X10
User: Jason R, Sep 10, 2010
Pros: looks nice..
Cons: Does not work with the Xperia X10
I bought two of these from Walmart and neither would charge the X10. While both had no problem charging an iPhone.
Star Star Star Star Star Bought this from frys returned it because it didnt charge my cliq
User: guermo c, Feb 4, 2010
There is a special "ic" chip or something to that effect in chargers that work with the cliq... The griffin powerjolt duo has no such animal...
Star Star Star Star Star Does not work with a cliq at all
User: sam h, Jan 26, 2010
Pros: It fits in the car outlet and it fits a usb plug
Cons: Does nothing as far as charging goes.
I see a lot of places pushing this as a solution for charging a cliq, since it comes with a usb cable and will charge over that cable when hooked up to a computer. Common sense without much to go on says yeah this should work. It doesnt.

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