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Griffin Technology Vehicle Dock (Clearance)

Other Android accessories by Griffin Technology
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Android Griffin Technology Vehicle Dock

Product Description

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It's time to start traveling with the safety and convenience of Griffin's Vehicle Dock for Android phone!

Do you prefer your device up high, in front of you or closer to the dashboard, clear of the windshield? Thankfully, you get the best of both worlds with this custom mount! The lever-action suction cup with ball and socket arm allow you to mount to either your vehicle's windshield or dashboard.

Once you dock most Android phones, it automatically puts your device into car mode for a completely handsfree experience. You can utilize voice commands to make commuting much safer for you and those around you.

Worried about this vehicle dock holding your device with a case on? Don't fret. The secure-grip adjustable cradle accommodates the Android phone with most cases, excluding the overly bulky models. You can even adjust the angle that's most comfortable for you, no matter where you mount it!

You also have the option to plug your own micro-USB car charger (not included) into the back of the cradle if and when you need to power-up while on the way to your destination.


  • Built-in microUSB connection
  • Adjustable angles with ball and socket arm
  • Mounts to windshield or dashboard
  • Secure-grip cradle holds device with most cases
  • Puts Android phone into car mode
  • Utilize voicecommands for handsfree use

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

User Ratings & Opinions

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Star Star Star Star Star Right idea but premature design w/ very poor electronics quality
User: Mike L, Aug 29, 2014
Pros: Dedicated for the Moto-X,
Cons: No camera hole, poor quality electronics/wiring
I bought this with some hesitation due to reports of the car dock detection not being detected by the moto-x (perhaps the magnet in the dock is too weak?). but overall the reviews were good so I made the purchase. Once installed I noticed the dock had no hole for the camera, meaning the Moto-X cannot take photos or videos while docked. (!) Obviously someone at Griffin didnt think this through- a major design shortcoming with no excuse! As expected, the car dock auto detect was not 100 and the Moto-X would frequently not detect the dock. This was with or without a protector. Eventually I removed my protector for good because of this and while this helped detect the dock, it did not solve the problem 100.

Next, after several months the usb connection in the dock failed to charge. At this point I considered the dock a poorly designed and poorly manufactured piece of junk (regardless sof how shiny griffen makes the plastic look). Since I did not want to return the unit, I chose to fix its shortcomings. here is what I did to bring the dock back on-line so to speak:

Carefully located the camera lens on the dock when phone is docked and mark a center spot with a marker. using a small drill bit, drill a pilot hole through dock (remove phone first!) verify hole is on center with docked phone is the position it will be in in-car. finally, drill out a hole large enough for camera lens with no visible dock shown on screen. (about 1/2 or so). clean any burrs or debris from hole, sand smooth if desired. You now have video and still shot capability while docked.

USB charging fix: carefully remove the rubber pad at USG end of dock- it is glued in 2 spots at either side of base. The rubber pad will easily come out when the 2 glue spots are freed. You will see 2 tiony wires, a red and a black running to a small board onto which the USB plug is attached. The board is free floating with a small spring allowing flexibility. the problem is where the wires attach to the board. In my case the red wire had broken free at the solder point on the board. If you have a fine point soldering iron, some resin flux, and a steady hand (along with careful eyes and good patience) you can re-solder the wire. It is a delicate task. be ready for some care and caution here. I re-soldered my wire in about an hour, between prep and repeated attempts I eventually got the technique required figured out. Bingo! charging restored. I did not re-glue the pad, but popped it back in place. It is secure enough without glue, and if the need arises in the future to re-address the weak wire connections I wont have to mess with the glue again.

All-in-all this dock was a great idea. Griffin started out admirably but fell short in the final product. Why? I have no idea. One would think if you are going to go through all the effort you would just do it right the first time. They didnt and we pay the price.

What they should do in a Second Edition Moto-X Dock:
1) Better quality wiring for USB plug.
2) stronger magnet for dock detection.
3) Camera hole.

Ill be waiting!
Star Star Star Star Star dock
User: Richard W, Jun 7, 2014
Pros: looks good, attaches very well to windshield
Cons: Charging??
The dock has a great look and attaches to the windshield great. However, it charges the phone VERY poorly. Originally, I could squeeze the dock and charging would start and work for the duration of my drive. However, now after a few months, it seems that the device has expanded and does not charge at all.
Star Star Star Star Star Griffin Technology Vehicle Dock for Motorola Moto X
User: Susan R, Dec 20, 2014
Pros: Works great to hold it
Cons: stopped charging after 4 months
Holds my phone great, but stopped charging after 4 mo use! disappointed
Star Star Star Star Star Secure without the charge
User: Scott B, Jun 18, 2014
Pros: Secures the phone well
Cons: Charging dies after a few months
I picked up this dock back in February 14, when I bought my Moto X, because Motorola had it listed on their own store. At first, I was very pleased with the unit. I have never had any issue with the phone not feeling secure and the dock never even budged once I had it situated on my cars dash.

However, several weeks ago I noticed that my phone was no longer charging during my commute. I checked my usb car charger and it worked fine. I checked the usb cable and its working fine. Their is some disconnect that has occurred within the dock itself that has caused its ability to charge to stop working. My phone still detects that it is docked and will charge when i connect it directly to the usb charger in the car. It is obvious the issue is with the dock itself.

I have been looking at other reviews and it seems this is a VERY common defect with this dock. The main reason I bought this dock was because it could charge the phone and the charge connection was a part of the grip making it seem like the most secure dock I viewed. Without the ability to charge the phone this dock is fairly useless as your phone will die on any long trips.

I would not recommend this dock until Griffin can fix this issue.
Star Star Star Star Star Not really designed for the X
User: Charlene K, Aug 15, 2014
Pros: the suction appears to be strong
Cons: everything else.
This isnt really designed for the Moto X. The camera is blocked, and you cannot use it as a dashboard cam in this mount. Plus the mount is made of cheap plastic that just gets fingerprints all over it the moment you take off the adhering plastic. This didnt last more than about 15 minutes out of the box before I packaged it up to return it.

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