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HTC Bolt Skin Cases

Top 10 Skin Cases for HTC Bolt

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1Incipio DualPro CaseIncipio DualPro Case

Incipio's DualPro® Case with two layers of defense doubles the protection. The inner silicone and outer Plextonium™ materials work together to keep your your HTC Bolt safe in any situation. Scratch resistant rigid polycarbonate outer shell T...(More)

2Gear4 D3O Piccadilly CaseGear4 D3O Piccadilly Case

Gear4's HTC Bolt case utilizes D3O® unique technology to protect your mobile device. This technology is based on the innovation of capturing the benefits of non-Newtonian shear thickening material in polymers that can then be engineered for real world...(More)

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