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HTC Micro-USB Dual 1A Car Charger

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Android HTC Micro-USB Dual 1A Car Charger

Product Description

The HTC Car Charger provides superior quality and durability. This Car Charger fits a standard automobile cigarette lighter outlet and features two USB charging ports built onto the charger for powering 2 devices at once. Intelligent variable rate charging prevents overcharging your battery.


  • OEM HTC Car Charger
  • Dual USB Plugs for charging 2 devices 
  • Micro-USB
  • Input 10-30V at 1.3A
  • Output dual 5.1V at 1A

Please Note: Only 1 charging cable included; Charging 2 devices requires another USB cable (sold separately)

androidcentral Expert Review

Accessory review: HTC Micro-USB Dual Car Charger
Reviewed by Phil Nickinson
The latest addition to my Bentley BMW Civic is so simple, I'm not sure what took me so long to do it. It's the HTC microUSB dual-port car charger. One standard 12v outlet, one charger, two USB ports. It comes with one coiled microUSB cable that's perfect for connecting to a car dock, or for charging a phone directly. The coiled part of the microUSB cable's pretty tight, so it'll return to its original shape after multiple stretches. For short runs, like stashing a phone in a cup holder while it's charging, it's perfect.

And if you're like me and have more than one (or two or three) devices on hand, the second charging port becomes a lifesaver. No more having to choose which phone's going to be juiced up, and which will be left to suffer from battery envy. You're on your own to provide the second microUSB cable, though. Only one is included with the charger.


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Star Star Star Star Star Nice
User: My A, Jun 3, 2011
Pros: Works
Cons: None
As "we" all know this device is made to charge your Evo, not transfer data. Unless you have one of these new laptops with a 12 volt outlet.wouldnt that be crazy!
Star Star Star Star Star pretty Cheap.
User: roberta a, Aug 11, 2014
Pros: still works.
Cons: broke the second day i had it.short cord.looked used!
Works fine for now but the wires are showing.n it had scratches on it n want in a bag.
Star Star Star Star Star Did not work in 2 vehicles
User: Paul A, Aug 28, 2011
I bought this for a 6 hour road trip to AZ, looking to use my EVO 4G with Google maps in a Honda Odyssey. It did not work well at all, and I was out of battery by the time I got there. The charger did not fit well in the accessory port - it was very loose. The same happened in my Acura TL. The second USB port also would not work. My wife bought a charger from T-Mobile that will charge two devices, and it works great. Im getting one for myself.
Star Star Star Star Star OEM?
User: joe f, Jun 9, 2011
Pros: says HTC
Cons: porr fit, not OEM part #
The cord does not fit well and was a bit too snug-I worry about damaging the EVO when inserting or removing it. Also, the part numbers do not match the factory part numbers so not sure if its really OEM. Retunring, but they make you pay for the shipping to anf fro. Poor service.
Star Star Star Star Star Wont allow you to connect to pc
User: Tim D, Feb 14, 2011
i purchased to use on the road to charge in the car and connect to my pc. Charging works fine from both car and pc, but you cannot connect phone to pc for syncing, hard drive, or tethering. So, if you need to pass data or run the pc internet through your phone, buy something else.

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