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iBOLT ProDock Alumina

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Android iBOLT ProDock Alumina

Product Description

Drive Safe and Legal with the the iBOLT ProDock kit by keeping your phone in a secure and easy to view position. By placing the ProDock kit in the windshield area, signal is optimized for GPS and Cellular and allows easy access and viewing of the phone. Use with your preferred Bluetooth hands-free solution or as a speaker phone for a complete hands-free driving experience.

The stylish ProDock holder is designed to work with all Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry Smartphone models. The adjustable aluminium latch secures the phone even when using a case, including the thicker Otterbox or Ballistic type models. To insert phone, simply place the phone on the support feet and press the latch downward. To remove, press the release button on the side. Vertical positioning is possible by using the single support leg on the side of the Dock.

The ROK Solid mount has a strong 70 mm suction cup and is designed for a vibration free driving experience. Attach the ROK Solid mount to windshield or use the included disc to attach to top of dashboard. An easy to use Air Vent Mount is also included. A ball-joint connector system allows the driver to adjust to almost any viewing angle.


  • Keeps most Android phones in a secure and easy to view position
  • Stylish design with quality material - looks great in any car
  • Works with most Smartphone models - with or without cases
  • Zero install - windshield, dash and vent mount included
  • Camera view open while driving on most phones


Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

androidcentral Expert Review

iBolt ProDock Alumina review
Reviewed by Gary Mazo
Driving hands free is not only safe; it’s the law in many places. The iBolt ProDock Alumina keeps your phone in view so you can stay focused on the road.

The iBolt ProDock is a great way to dock your HTC One X, EVO 4G LTE, Galaxy S3 or other device in your car. The flexibility of portrait or landscape use, window or dash or vent mount makes this a very user configurable product.


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Star Star Star Star Star Excellent Quality
User: Jay L, Mar 10, 2014
Pros: Strong suction cup, fits various size phones
Cons: -
Im impressed with the quality of this iBOLT ProDock. Solid build quality, and I love that it can be used with several different devices -- with or without cases thanks to the adjustable arms. The range of rotation of the holder is very convenient, too.

Android Central shipped fast, but stick with UPS or FEDEX if you can. USPS lost my package for 3 days.
Star Star Star Star Star I love my iBOLT PRODOCK Alumina
User: Debbie S, Mar 7, 2014
Pros: It ajusts to fit any cell phone
Cons: -
This is a great product b/c it ajusts to fit any cell phone. It can be mounted on the windshield, dash or airvent. Mount can be ajusted for easy visability. I highly recommend this product.
Star Star Star Star Star Better than other products
User: Rick M, Oct 12, 2012
Pros: good stability easy to remove excellent mounting to windshield
Cons: -
Ive spent a small fortune on cell phone holders for my car. Until buying the iBolt Alumina, Ive invariably been disappointed. One that had a decent ad secure holding mechanism overwhelmed the provided suction cup and wouldnt remain affixed to the windshield. Another stayed on the windshield but the phone and holder overwhelmed the arm connected to the suction cup, causing the phone to shake and vibrate. A third worked okay but proved difficult when unmounting the phone.

The iBolt handles all three factors well and Im pretty sure my search for the right holder is ended.

Oh one more thing: shipping was incredibly fast and at a reasonable rate. Im impressed!
Star Star Star Star Star iBolt ProDock Alumina
User: Felix M, Aug 8, 2012
Pros: Works Great!!! Great Features
Cons: None
I love this product. It sticks to the windshield extremely well. It fits every need I wanted it to. I am very pleased and have recommended it to friends already.
Star Star Star Star Star Mount for my Galaxy Nexus
User: Andrew B, Mar 6, 2012
Pros: Extremely Stable, Versatile, Stylish
Cons: None that I have found!
I have been looking for a mount solution for my Galaxy Nexus since I bought it in November. The Samsung mount sold by Verizon irritated me as it was not easy to re-position and mounting/unmounting the phone was more effort than it should be. I didnt care for most of the universal options as they had bulky arms and looked awful.

I bought this one to try out and ,after using it a couple weeks, am glad I did. This mount is incredibly stable it doesnt bounce at all when driving and holds the phone in position well. The arms have a small profile and the positions of the two lower ones are adjustable to account for button placement on phones. I was able to use this even with a bulky silicone/plastic combo case. I highly recommend it. Its a great product!
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