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iBOLT Vehicle Charging Dock

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Android iBOLT Vehicle Charging Dock

Product Description

Drive Safe and Legal by keeping most Android phones in a secure and easy to view position with the iBolt Vehicle Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy S3.

With the innovative audio-charge 9ft (2.7 meter) cable included, the dock can also be placed on the left hand side of the steering wheel, where it is easy to reach. The phone will will automatically switch to the car mode, with Samsung’s sVoice being directly accessible. All icons also turns sideways (horizontal) when the Galaxy S3 is connected to dock.

If your vehicles stereo features a 3.5mm standard auxiliary-in port, the sound from the Applications (GPS, Music, Movies etc.) can be heard through the vehicles stereo speakers. The iBolt Vehicle Charging Dock is designed to be compatible with most cases up to 2.5 mm thick. With an open back on this Galaxy S3 dock, the camera can be used for recording HD video while driving. Also if your vehicle features a USB charge port you can take advantage of the included cable. (USB car charger sold separately)

The female ball connector is an “industry standard” 17 mm size, allowing any dash, vent or bike mount designed for Garmin to work with the cradle as an alternative to the suction mount.


  • Keep your phone charged and in an easy to view position
  • Automatically starts the car mode in Galaxy S3
  • All icons turns sideways, even on home screens
  • 9ft USB & Aux-out cable for easy car speaker integration (USB car charger sold separately)
  • Works with most cases


Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

"JELLY BEAN UPDATE Dec 10,2012: Car-dock mode and aux-out supported with US Carriers official software release (AT&T, Sprint etc.) International versions of firmware, starting with i9300XX does NOT support these functions yet"

androidcentral Expert Review

iBOLT car charging dock for the Samsung Galaxy S3 review
Reviewed by Phil Nickinson
And here we have a look at the iBOLT car dock for the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you've used iBOLT docks in the past, you'll be pretty familiar with this one. It's sturdy in design, flexible in application, and it offers a safe and effective way to use your Galaxy S3 in the car, whether it's for navigation, communication, or just to keep things charged.

iBOLT long has been a top name in vehicle charging and navigation docks for Android smartphones, and that trend continues with the Galaxy S3 dock.

What you get here is a solid car dock that serves as a charging point as well as a way to easily get music from your phone to the car stereo via the AUX port. If you can overlook the slightly obtuse (but extremely functional) design, this one's a dock that should serve you well.


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Star Star Star Star Star Solid car dock
User: Brian R, Jan 24, 2013
Pros: Adheres well to the windshield
Cons: Micro-USB to phone couldve been made to locate to either side
This is an excellent solution for vehicle mounting. It was easy to install, and Ill be using it often. The only caveat (as another reviewer mentioned) is that the stock camera app will not display with the correct orientation when plugged in, but thats obviously a software bug and not the fault of the car dock itself.
Star Star Star Star Star Epic 4G Touch with the iBolt Vehicle Charging Dock
User: Quadcamos ., Sep 8, 2012
Pros: Works great with the S3 and S2 (Epic 4G Touch model) Sturdy Mount, Vibration free, long charging cables, easy to mount.
Cons: Play apps and music through the supplied cables but does not play phone calls through the car stereo on either the S3 or S2. Need to attach a seperate 3.5 audio cable for taking calls via the stereo.
see my comments in Phil Nickinsons great review of the iBolt Charging Dock.
YES, it does fit the Epic 4g Touch - Model # SCH-R760 which is the same as the US Cellular Galaxy S2 and it fits nicely without a case and will also fit with the Otterbox Commuter Case but not the Defender case.
The Epic 4G Tough/US Cellular Galaxy S2 does not have a stay awake when charging option in the std menu but the iBolt keeps the phone awake when charging so having no access to the power button is not a problem.
Connecting a 3.5 audio cable for the phone calls is not problem, just an extra cable to run under the dash.
Best car mounted charging dock on the market so far.
Star Star Star Star Star Using Galaxy SIII iBOLT Dock
User: Sharon B, Aug 3, 2012
Pros: Long Charge/Aux cable, no vibrations, fits with cases
Cons: Unplug microUSB when recording video
I have used my iBOLT for a few days now and so far its been a very good experience. Thanks to the 9ft charge/aux cable (yes, one cable for both!) I can finally place my phone on the left side of the steering wheel, where it is not blocking the view and is within fingertip reach when driving. I ran the cable under the door seal on the drivers side and under the floor mat to the center console where my mini van has a USB port and an AUX-in port. Works perfect. It feels like an old fashioned fixed installed kit (I had a Nokia car-kit many years ago) but without having the expense. Nice to just step into the car, place the phone in the Dock and be connected to charging and car-stereo speaker sound out. I play Pandora and some Spotify and the sound is very good. I am using a thick case which fits fine after I placed the included foam pads in the corners. Overall a very easy to use Dock with a brilliant charge/aux solution. It doesnt vibrate either when driving, as my previous universal holder did. Strange that Samsung didnt do a dock with these features.. Well, one company did so Im happy.
Star Star Star Star Star Works so far.
User: Keith B, Mar 22, 2013
Pros: Good design and construction
Cons: Doesnt fit big cases
Although I like the design and the construction of the iBolt dock but the video is a little misleading on one point.

They state that the Otterbox case will fit but they failed to mention which Otterbox. The Commuter might fit, but the Defender does not. You can force it if you remove the foam pad under the top clip. But only barely. I have not had this long and I am unsure if it will take bumps without loosing grip. I will find out in the next week as I put it to the test.
Star Star Star Star Star Samsung Galaxy S3 and iBOLT Dock
User: Jeffery H, Nov 30, 2012
Pros: great combintion
Cons: easy of power button shut off and not working with OtterBox Defender Series
I just got the dock last night and I like it a lot, just a couple down falls.
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