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iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Car Mount Charger

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Android iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Car Mount Charger

Product Description

With built-in Qi Standard Wireless Charging, the Easy One Touch Wireless is an extremely convenient & versatile mounting solution as it is compatible with Qi standard wireless charging smartphones. It also incorporates one of the best features of the iOttie car mount brand, the One Touch Lock & Release function. This way it allows for a safe way to mount and unmount the user’s smartphone device.

  • Features Qi Standard Wireless Charging for Qi enabled devices and devices that require their own separate charging adapters such as the Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Note 3/ Note 2
  • Offers an Easy One Touch lock and release mounting system that locks the device into the holder with just the push of a finger
  • Fits devices from 2.3 - 3.3 inches wide
  • Includes a Micro USB charging cable to provide power to the mount as well as a dashboard pad for mounting on all types of surfaces
  • Employs a telescopic arm to allow for better viewing angles for users with a 17 mm ball joint at the end to attach the mount to the base.

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

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Star Star Star Star Star Found my perfect wireless charger for the car!
User: Jim L, Jun 25, 2015
Pros: Many ways to manipulate perfect viewing angle
Cons: The lever to activate the suction of the suction cup is under the bowing arm
I was in the the market for a wireless car charger. I have had one in the past, but the location of my Nexus 6 coil was too located to low for it. So my quest to get the perfect one was on! Upon reviews and forums, I was looking at both the iottie and TYLT wireless car chargers. I was initially leaning towards the TYLT one, but the proprietary plug was the deal breaker for me. I didnt need yet another different cable running in my truck. I already have my cool flux capacitor cig charger in place and would hate to lose it! In any case, I then moved my research to the iottie ones. I have heard decent things and first looked at the iottie flex wireless car charger. This looked like the one! But, I saw there were two versions. The flex and the one touch one. What geared me towards the one Easy One Touch version was that of the many MANY ways you can angle and telescope the mount to view your phone. Being having a heavy and big Nexus 6, I liked the various sizes it can accommodate.

When receiving it, I played with all the various gears and levers and screws and found that that this was very well thought out. However, I cant figure out why they put the suction lever to activate the suction cup was underneath the main arm. But its out of the way so thats one thing I guess. The suction cup is clear but has that SUPER suction adhesive that you can rinse off to reconsitute the adhesive, similar to the airdock mounts and various other iottie products use. This sucker is strong! The charger comes with a plate that has more of this sticky suction cups but I already have one mounted so I used that one. Good back up though.

Another fantastic thing is how you insert and remove the phone from the charger. This is the first mount I have ever used that when you put in the phone to charge, you slide it into the back button that snaps the sides in and will lock into place when stops. Awesome. And to remove, simply cup your hand like you are to remove the device and press the two button/levers on the side and pinch together to release into your hand. No issue at all. I am using a Spigen Ultra hybrid case and the Nexus 6 JUST BARELY FITS to lock into place. With the adjustable chin, it is just perfect.

Oh was it a proprietary cable? NOPE, good ol micro usb! Love it even more!
Star Star Star Star Star Dont waste your money
User: Dan L, Jun 30, 2017
Pros: Hold phone nicely
Cons: VERY slow to charge, keeps coming loose from the base
Ive had this mount for about 9 months and I am not very pleased with it. It charges the phone at a VERY slow pace and I wind up keeping another charger in the car for when my phone is really low on juice.

I also dont like the fact that the sticky base keeps coming loose from the car and drops. This happens about once a month and it is annoying.

I wouldnt waste your money even if it is on sale.

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