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Motorola Micro-USB 750mA Rapid Travel Charger

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Android Motorola Micro-USB 750mA Rapid Travel Charger

Product Description

Get one for the office, one for your home and one for travel. Small and lightweight for convenient portability and storage. This lightweight charger is sleek and will easily fit into any small space in your luggage or brief case. Simply plug the charger into a wall outlet and it will provide power to your phone while simultaneously charging your phone's battery.


  • OEM Motorola Charger
  • Universal Micro-USB
  • Input 100/240V
  • Output 5V @ 750mA

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Star Star Star Star Star Great Fix!
User: Sandy L, Sep 13, 2014
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: ?
At my sons recommendation I contacted SHOPANDROID for a new charger for my Motorola Cell Phone. This was a hand me down telephone and the existing cord apparently wasnt charging the phone correctly. Since having the new cord, the phone has been spot on, so needless to say I am very happy with the purchase.
Star Star Star Star Star Great Charger
User: Steve B, Jun 5, 2014
Pros: charges quickly, long USB cable
Cons: none!
I wanted an extra charger for my Moto G, and this one is excellent. It has a long USB cable to reach outlets easily. Charges quickly.

Also: shopandroid customer service is outstanding!
Star Star Star Star Star ChargeIt! Portable Power Pack
User: Gessika J, Feb 10, 2012
Pros: More Bang for your Bucks!
Cons: -
I purchased this ChargeIt! AWSOME Portable Power Pack. This pocket-friendly dynamo provides a ready source of power to keep portable electronics charged and ready when I need them. The ChargeIt!s unique features and design uses four AA rechargeable batteries to deliver both terrific power and the flexibility to achieve additional full charges in an instant just by popping in fresh batteries I do not have to wait anymore for a recharge! For even GREATER convenience, the ChargeIt! It is also a SMART charger for AA and AAA NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries. In addition, it comes ready to use with USB wall adapter, USB charging cable, adapters for iPhone/iPod, Mini-USB, Micro-USB, and four precharged 2700mAh rechargeable AA batteries! I purchased this item and I love the way I can recharge my batteries over multiple times. I save money and time, with this inexpensive product. I have included the PC Treasures website for you can find your Digital Treasure.
Gessika Jlo,
Star Star Star Star Star Sort of works
User: Scott C, Jan 30, 2011
Pros: Black
Cons: -
After fiddling with the cord and trying to get it to charge my phone I called tech support. The guy that helped me was very nice. It turned out that I have to put one end in the wall socket and the other end goes in the phone.


The tech support guy kind of laughed at me but I know he wasnt mean about. I mean seriously, how was I supposed to know that you have to plug it on both ends.

Other than that problem the travel charger works great. I actually charges my phone 100 in about 1 hour, not the 2 hours quoted in the product notes.

AndroidCentral shipped very fast.

No instructions though. Weird!!
Star Star Star Star Star longer?
User: alfonse t, Jan 19, 2011
Is it longer than the 2 inch one they give you with the droid x? if so, one is mine!
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