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Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger (Clearance)

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Android Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger

Product Description

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The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger turns most Android phones into a multimedia experience and doubles as a charger!

This Desktop Charger displays photo and movies, play music, shows weather and time, and works as an alarm clock.  It also syncs your media to your PC via USB Cable (not included).


  • Syncs Data
  • Charge most Android phones while docked
  • Play Music
  • Watch Movies
  • Travel Charger Included
  • Sits horizontally to display photos and movies

androidcentral Expert Review

Droid X dock review: Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger
Reviewed by Phil Nickinson
The Motorola Droid X is a a looker to be sure. And to properly show it off on your desk or bedside table, you're going to want to check out the Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger. But it's more than just a way to keep your Droid X charged.

The Droid X sits sideways and automatically switch into a special multimedia desktop mode when inserted. You get a big clock with the date, weather info, plus easy access to alarm settings, a dimmer button, and music and photo icons.


User Ratings & Opinions

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137 total ratings
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63% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
24% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
6% rated Score 3/5 Score 3/5 Score 3/5 51
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4% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Must have addition to your Droid X
User: James P, Aug 19, 2011
Pros: easy to use
Cons: none
This cradle is great it works just like the product description says. It is very easy to insert your phone into. Allows your phone to become an alarm clock while it is charging. Or you can listen to music or watch TV. To anyone that is interested in buying this cradle. You should not pay any attention to those reviews that say it is hard or impossible to insert the phone. I am glad that I didnt listen to the bad reviews
Star Star Star Star Star Very Sleek nice weight
User: Shawn H, Dec 9, 2010
Pros: compact
Cons: difficult to dock at times
I like the ease of use of the clock and dimming. The alarm is loud enough and the snooze at 5 min is just right. With more use it will become easier to dock and un-dock. I anticipate being able to remove my clock radio from my bedside table soon.
Star Star Star Star Star Moto Droid X Dock/Charger
User: Joshua H, Nov 16, 2010
Pros: Keeps the clock visible all the time during charging
Cons: Takes a few times to get the hang of docking it correctly
Wanted the dock to use my phone as an alarm clock on the nightstand and love it. With the phone docked, the clock is always visible and has day/night settings for dimming the screen at night so it is not too bright to sleep. Once you get the hang of docking it correctly, its great!
Star Star Star Star Star Almost Perfect
User: Gregory K, Apr 6, 2011
Pros: Automatically Opens Dock Mode, Sturdy, Great viewing Angle
Cons: VERY hard to slide phone into
This would be the perfect media dock if only I could silde my phone into it more easily. Sometimes it takes me a good 30 seconds to wiggle my phone into it.

Still worth the purchase though.
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent and high quality
User: J.D. W, Sep 25, 2010
Pros: High quality and sleek look
Cons: Sometimes difficult to dock and undock
I bought this dock for the DX after I was spoiled by using the dock for the D1. It was a must have for me and I must say that I was not dissapointed. It comes with the box and a long charger for it in the box. The long charger is good because the charger that comes with the DX is so short. The dock itself is really high quality aluminum and is very sturdy. It also has a port to hook the HDMI cable into while the phone is docked but the dock does not come with the cable. I think that for the price of this accessory that it should come with the cable. If you use this dock there is now way that it will work with a cased DX. It is a very tight fit and sometimes it can be difficult to dock and undock the phone but after having this dock for about a month it has become a lot easier to use. I dont regret the buy and would buy again.

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