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Motorola Standard 1880mAh Battery BH6X

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Motorola Standard 1880mAh Battery BH6X User Reviews

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Star Star Star Star Star Motorola 1800mAh battery
User: Howard G, Aug 1, 2011
Pros: Doesnt enlarge phone case. Uses standard battery cover.
Cons: None
The extra 300 mAh allows me to get 1 1/2 to 2 days of use before dropping below 20. With the standard battery, by days end I was always worried whether I would make it thru the evening when out.
Star Star Star Star Star Great and necessary Upgrade
User: Mr M, Apr 25, 2011
Pros: Enough power to get through the Day
Cons: None so far
Like the previous user, I didnt purchase mine through Android Central, but decided to leave a review to help any potential customers who are on the fence make that decision.

This battery does come with a replacement door, but like the user mention above, the size different is so insignificant that it shouldnt even be mentioned.

It does add noticeable time that Im able to use my phone between charges. Im a Systems Admin and I use my phone heavily and can get about 8-10 hours of use from the phone between charges. If background apps, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are managed properly you could easily squeeze another 2-3hours out of the battery.

This is definitely a must if youre trying to avoid adding a "Quasimodo-esque" hump on the already slim DX, this is the way to go.

Star Star Star Star Star Nice Upgrade
User: Zahl N, Apr 5, 2011
Pros: Same size, more power
Cons: Doesnt come standard?
I did not purchase this from Android Central (shame on me) but I figured Id leave a written review since no one else has.
First I want to say the specs listed here are a little off since this battery is rated at 1880/1930mAh (stock BH5X is 1500/1540mAh).
It is also just a hair thicker than stock and comes with its own cover but it barely -and I mean barely!- adds anything to the phone and should not affect any cases, hard or soft.
Power-wise is does come as a surprise because it does add quite a bit of extra run-time to the phone at least when compared to the modest power rating increase. Even with heavy use I can now make it through the entire day whereas I used have to plug my phone in after work with the BH5x. Do note however that, like any battery, it will take a few power cycles to achieve maximum efficiency so dont fret if it feels like it lasts less than the BH5x the first few days.
Overall I feel this is a great upgrade to the phone without adding any unnecessary bulk and weight to the phone. Both of which we all agree the DX can do without.
Star Star Star Star Star Sent me wrong SNN# for Droid X
User: s m, Dec 11, 2011
Take note of the SNN for the BH6X battery. This is according to Motorola: "BH6X is just the battery model. What matters is the part number. (SNN5893) is for X2. (SNN5880) is the xtra capacity battery for Droid X but not the extended battery." I received the SNN5893 for my Droid X which would not fit with my OEM battery door, and I opted to return this since I did not want buy the extended battery door and change the snap on case I currently use for my Droid X.
Star Star Star Star Star NOT specifically for the Droid X2!!!
User: Steve D, Nov 17, 2011
Pros: NONE
Cons: WRONG BATTERY! SNN5893A version not compatible with Droid X
I wish the other review about this was on the site BEFORE I ordered my battery, what a time waster! There are TWO Serial#s for this Model# BH6X battery.

The old SNN5880A is for the DROID X2 (and perhaps the Atrix also?).
The new SNN5893A is for the ATRIX phone ONLY! (and this is what they sent me!)

And they dont want to refund shipping AND the product price, after they knowingly shipped the WRONG PRODUCT#!

Ill never shop here again...BUYER BEWARE!
Star Star Star Star Star New BH6X for Atrix, not Droid X
User: Doug Z, Nov 14, 2011
Pros: NONE
Cons: SNN5893A version not compatible with Droid X
I bought this battery to replace the 16 month original. When I received it, I charged it up and it was completely dead within 3 hours. I charged fully again to same result. I did this for a week, before contacting support and switching batteries. Received new battery but had same exact issues.

After searching on internet, I found the following:

The original BH6X battery for the Droud X had SNN5880A number, but the new BH6X version is SNN5893A, which is not compatible with the X, but instead is for the motorola atrix.

If you order this battery for the X, make sure they ship SNN5880A.

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