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Motorola Vehicle Navigation Dock

Other Android accessories by Motorola
List Price: $59.99
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Android Motorola Vehicle Navigation Dock

Product Description

Whether you’re driving to work or driving across the country, the Android phone Vehicle Navigation Dock takes care of all of your in-car needs, in one device, with easy access to maps, full turn-by-turn navigation, hands-free calling, your favorite contacts, music and the new car finder application – all while most Android phones stays charged.

Search for your destination and get the turn-by-turn directions on screen and audibly. Play your downloaded music or Internet radio apps through your car speakers (requires 3.5mm audio jack in your car). Make and take calls hands-free, with one-touch buttons for your favorite contacts.

Voice commands let you text, search for directions, play music and make calls, for a totally hands-free experience. And, when you park your car, the Motorola Car Finder App automatically notes your location and provides directions back to the car right on your phone. Program the customizable buttons for easy access to your contacts, satellite radio stations and more.


  • OEM Navigation Mount
  • Custom fit for Android phone
  • 3.5mm audio out
  • Window suction mount


  • Dock
  • Windshield mount
  • Dashboard mount disk
  • 5ft audio cable (3.5mm)

User Ratings & Opinions

Avg. Rating
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24 total ratings
(5 reviews)
71% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
21% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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4% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Outstanding Product
User: Adrian R, Dec 7, 2012
Pros: Just about everything
Cons: Nothing so far
I purchased this product because I will be doing quite a bit of driving and I want to make it as safe as possible by following the law and doing hands-free phone usage. To sum everything up, this product is flawless. I wasnt expecting to receive a power cord so I purchased one separately. But this product included one--which is amazing! The ease of use, yet amazing features it has makes it a win win. This is the best dock you can find, especially for this price. I recommend it to all DROID RAZR owners. Lastly, design is simple but also elegant in its own way. 5/5 stars!
Star Star Star Star Star I like it
User: Kevin M, Apr 14, 2012
Pros: Very fast navigation
Cons: Must remove phone cover
Compared to my Garmin, this wins hands down for nav. Google maps redraws very fast, voice prompts OK. Finds new route quickly when deviating from expected route.
You can pipe it to the car audio, and plug in power to keep it charged.
Star Star Star Star Star Very nice. DOES supply power. ?music to radio thru USB?
User: Mike E, Feb 24, 2012
Pros: great fit & finish
Cons: have to take cover off phone to put it in holder
It would be nice to have a dock that would accept the phone whether or not the phone is wearing a cover. It is somewhat inconvenient to have to take my cover off the phone whenever I get into the car and put it back on when I get out.

I dont know yet if audio will flow back through the USB cable if the USB cable is plugged into a car audio system that has a USB jack. Id like to find out. Id rather not have two cables (one for power, the other 3.5mm audio going to aux car stereo input) if one (USB) will do the job.
Star Star Star Star Star Great Build Bad excuatioon
User: Joe B, Nov 20, 2011
Pros: works well does nice things
First off great build quality fits awesome finish is superb . BUT!!! when using dock the razr goes into Car mode . witch is fine . BUT!! a new feature of this mode is that whenever you receive a text it blurts it out that you have received a text from (insert name/ number) and weather or not you want the device to read you said text . Not a bad feature . BUT !! you can not disable it as of yet at all if your in the dock in period . no settings for this mode address anything about notifications . So . BOOO To this dock until the device gets a handle on whos/ controlling who
Star Star Star Star Star No power
User: Murry Z, Feb 6, 2012
Pros: Great build high quality
Cons: Cant use power cord
The holder precludes use of a power cord and when using GPS the battery drains very quickly
Maybe I am missing something

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