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Nite Ize Leather Cargo Clip Case

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Android Nite Ize Leather Cargo Clip Case

Product Description

Nite Ize has redefined the rugged side case with new designs and features! This durable case contains elastic side panels, Velcro closure, and an interior pocket to store credit cards, identification, money and more. The outside of the case is made with soft, genuine  leather that looks stylish while protecting your phone!

A fixed, super strong flex-clip on the back of the case features an easy on/off design.

NOTE: This case does not support Blackberry sleeper function.

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181 total ratings
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24% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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17% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Looks good but small (for Droid Charge)
User: Josh S, Jun 20, 2011
I love the look of the case but it is slightly too small for the Droid Charge. The Charge is longer than the case so youll have to squeeze it in. It does fit and the case has stretchy ends to expand to length but I would have like an easier fit.
Star Star Star Star Star Great clip and full protection
User: Rich F, Jul 14, 2010
Pros: Leather, durable easy to use clip, no magnets
Cons: Soft leather on the back with no reinforcement
This is an excellent case for anyone owning the original Motorola Droid. No magnets to keep the phone on, good protection for the phone, and a good looking case. The clip is of a design that will hold to your belt securely requiring purposeful removal. No chance in it slipping off or getting bent and it seems unbreakable. The only complaint I have is that there needs to be stronger reinforcement for the clip. After several months of use the leather around the clip is tearing and I fear will eventually fail completely. Rather disappointing.

Insertion and removal of the phone is a breeze and after a week, almost too loose but still very secure.

This is a highly recommended case.
Star Star Star Star Star barely fits phone
User: L G, Aug 26, 2011
Pros: price
Cons: really small
This barely fits the Inspire. I expect the elastic seams to either rip or lose their stretch. Similar with my friends Droid. Im kind of iffy on this case.
Star Star Star Star Star Hate this case
User: Yaira R, Jan 4, 2012
Pros: Look
Cons: Velcro
I bought this particular case because it seemed big enough to fit the Thunderbolts extended battery and I love the look of suede. To my great disappointment, its a pretty tight fit and it comes with a large Velcro closure which makes a very loud ripping noise every time the case has to be opened. Im surprised to see a lot of brands still use Velcro for phone cases, you would think a nice magnet closure is common sense by now, but I guess not. Currently looking for my next case because its too annoying to have my phone slip off my fingers while trying to pry it off the tight case and have to make that ripping noise whenever I want to check the time.
Star Star Star Star Star Looks good, but doesnt fit Bionic!!
User: Tom D, Oct 27, 2011
Pros: Looks good
Cons: Have to stretch the sides to get the phone in
This case (though the descriptions specifically stated it would) does NOT fit the Bionic. To get it in I have to PUSH hard on one side to slide it in.
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