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OtterBox Commuter Series Case

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Android OtterBox Commuter Series Case

Product Description

The OtterBox Commuter Series for the Android phone is a perfect on-the-go accessory for everyday handheld technology.  

Safeguarding the screen from scratches and the corners from bumps and shocks, this style case offers a unique design with reliable strength.  Included is a self-adhering clear protective film to safeguard most Android phones touch screen.


  • Layer 1:  Self-adhering clear protective film (Cleaning cloth and installation card included)
  • Layer 2:  Durable silicone mid-layer
  • Layer 3:  One piece custom molded polycarbonate shell
  • Access to all side button features
  • Silicone plugs allow access to all ports
  • Open access to camera and speaker

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

User Ratings & Opinions

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16 total ratings
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6% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Great protection and feel
User: Jeff O, Nov 14, 2012
Pros: Gives the phone a more solid feel. Better grip assurance.
Cons: Dont expect a perfect fit with the extended battery. Its still able to do the job.
This is not a negative review. This case is great. Im just noting my issues which is no fault of theirs but might be helpful to others.

Putting this case on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was a little harder then the Commuter case on my wifes Epic 4g Touch. The cutouts in the plastic are just big enough for the buttons so the plastic shell must be forcibly pulled around them until the button can align with the hole. You just need to commit to prying the plastic open and pulling it over the soft rubber button in a single move. On the Epic4GTouch the hard shell does not go over the soft buttons but around them.

I use the extended battery so on the bottom of the phone where the soft case meets the hard shell they are a little misaligned. This is also the case where the USB and headphone jack cutouts are in the hard shell. There is a slight gap. Besides the possibility of dirt getting between the hard and soft cases this misalignment appears not to be an issue. Im sure if I used the stock battery it would fit like a glove.

Im not sure why the included screen protector does not cover the entire glass front of the phone as it does on my wifes Epic4GTouch. It looks to be staying put for now. Its only been a week.

I still gave five stars as using the extended battery is no fault of theirs. A special version would have been nice. I know the Defender case was designed to fit the extended battery at the detriment of stock battery users. This creates a president for proper labels since so many users use what is considered a stock extended battery on the Verizon version.
Star Star Star Star Star the best case i have used for this phone
User: Zach D, Feb 25, 2012
Pros: the protection that this case gives is great. It has a good feel to it too.
Cons: the rubber along the sides and the corners can be slightly annoying.
I was able to get this case for a good deal, and I havent looked back. I have tried the incipio double case and it doesnt even compare to how great this case is. I highly suggest this case!!!
Star Star Star Star Star Great protection Silicone is a LINT MAGNET
User: Randy D, Feb 1, 2012
Fits great and provides adequate protection. The silicone portion is however a lint magnet.
Star Star Star Star Star Great except for the screen protector
User: Chris L, Feb 10, 2012
Pros: Solid protection for the phone
Cons: Screen protector
I had to pull out the screen protector because the edges of the screen wouldnt registed touches without mashing on the phone hard. Otherwise, a great case. Would have been better if it came with a seperate stick-on type screen protector.

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