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OverBoard Waterproof Smart Phone Case

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Android OverBoard Waterproof Smart Phone Case

Product Description

The 100% waterproof Slide Seal System combined with a transparent front and LENZFLEX back means you can browse, chat, snap or film away while most Android phones is safely sealed in a waterproof smart phone case.

Thanks to a welded headphone jack, you can listen to music and enjoy your hands-free functions too. The OverBoard Waterproof Smart Phone Case is also guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m, so you can drop it in the water without losing your rag.


  • 100% waterproof case
  • Submersible to 19ft / 6m
  • LENZFLEX back window for clear photos and videos
  • Transparent front window for full functionality
  • Welded 3-pin headphone jack
  • Make and take calls while in waterproof case
  • Keeps out dust, sand, dirt and water
  • Made of biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)


Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

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Star Star Star Star Star GNex Fits..With some compromise
User: Marc P, May 13, 2012
Pros: Waterproof, Full functionality of phone and camera
Cons: Snug fit
I just received this case in the mail. Initial waterproof tests were perfect, no leakage. The case allows for full use of your phones touchscreen display and camera. The Power/Unlock and Volume buttons are easy to use as well.

The downside to this case is the fit. The GNex fits just barely. In fact, it almost feels like you need to stretch the case ever so slightly to get it to fit since the head phone jack protrudes about an inch into the interior of the case.

However, there is a small work around for this problem. There is enough room inside the case that you can actually push the interior portion of the headphone jack towards the back of the case and slide the phone down in front of it. Doing this allows the Gnex to fit without any problems. This does cause a slight bulge at the bottom of the case, but it doesnt seem to affect the use of the phone or the integrity of the case one bit. Additionally, I do not worry about scratching my phone because this method allows me to keep my case on the phone. HOWEVER, this may not work with all cases. My case is very thin and does not add any length to my Gnex, and only minimal width and depth.

I plan to enter a second review or update this one after Ive had a chance to test the case more thoroughly. If I remember..
Star Star Star Star Star gnex fits but.
User: evan c, Feb 17, 2012
Pros: definitely waterproof and headphone jack is awesome feature
Cons: gnex barely fits even without case. would fit fine if the headphone jack didnt take so much room at the bottom.
Needs to be at least an inch longer to accommodate gnex

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