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Rugged QX NTX Horizontal Pouch

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Rugged QX NTX Horizontal Pouch User Reviews

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30 total ratings
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53% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
13% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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20% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Sahat
User: Stephen H, Jul 30, 2015
Pros: great case
Cons: none
I have spent many dollars on holster and clip cases, but never found the right one, until now. Most of the holster cases dug into my side when I sat down, but not this one. From the time I put it on until now, I about forgot it was there. Very rugged case also. I have an S6 with a otterbox case on it and it fits perfectly. Very Pleased
Star Star Star Star Star Huge
User: Joseph T, May 24, 2015
Pros: Strong and well built.
Cons: None
I just received this case and it is huge. If you have a big phone in a case, it will fit in this case. Check your measurements. Happy purchasing!.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 in a UAG case. This case is bigger for my needs but does the job.
Star Star Star Star Star Brian
User: Brian S, Feb 20, 2015
Pros: heavy duty, well constructed
Cons: -
I prefer to carry my cell phone in a holster. The holsters Ive had in the past begin to come apart where the belt clip was attached to the holster. The Rugged holster clip is riveted to the holster and should
last a long time. I just dont see how it could come apart. My Samsung Galaxy S5 plus case fits easily in the holster. Im very impressed - just what I was looking for.
Star Star Star Star Star Great Pouch
User: Jack C, Apr 18, 2014
Pros: Fits many phone with Otterbox Defender
Cons: -
Bought this case to carry my LG G2 with Otterbox Defender, fits perfectly. I am sure it would fit other phones with Otterbox also.
Star Star Star Star Star Sturdy
User: John K, Apr 12, 2014
Pros: Horizontal or vertical positionns
Cons: Might not answer call fast enough
This case you know would withstand a fall. The ends are rubber supported. It does have a magnet close on it. I just bought it and have a hard time getting it pulled out fast if I do get a call. For this size phone what do you espect. I dont feel any vibration if you have that for an answer alert. The belt clip is very well made and swivels to be horizontal or vertical. I only found this type of case for my phone on Android. Worth the money.
Star Star Star Star Star Its a stout case to be sure, but..
User: R S, Oct 9, 2014
Pros: VERY sturdy--youre going to mangled before the case is
Cons: See below
Its a great, sturdy case but unfortunately it suffers from a few ills:

1) As mentioned by another reviewer, its difficult to fish a Note 3 out of the holster unless you shove you finger up a hole in the bottom of the case to force it out.

2) Its corners are exposed enough where dirt and rain can get into the case.

3) If you have a Note 3 inside an Otter case, it _definitely_ wont fit. (Yeah, I know: Why are you putting a case inside a case? For the simple reason that if I were to fish the phone out of the NTX holster and drop the phone .. *crunch*. Inside the protective case [not the clip] of the Otter at least if dropped, the phone has a chance of surviving unscathed.)
Star Star Star Star Star Is not Rugged as they claim
User: Mario R, Nov 3, 2016
Pros: -
Cons: Clip is held by a cardboard back and will break
I have purchased several of this so call Rugged pouch for many years, and in different sizes, and everytime the back were the clip is attached to is made of cardboard and will break and disintegrate , several times I had to open it and inject glue to keep it together, I send a complaint about it and no response, if they want to make it REALLY RUGGED Pouch they have to change the cardboard back
Star Star Star Star Star Case clip attachment failure
User: David A, Jul 25, 2016
Pros: It was perfect for about one year. My phone with outer box case fit in just right.
Cons: After one year, the clip side of the case separated from the inside card board. After two years the press clip fitting ripped the kevlar fabric case.
It was perfect for one year. My phone in an otter box case. After one year the clip side fabric of the case separated from the inside card board lining of the case. After two years the press fitting of the case clip ripped through the kevlar fabric of the case. The case is now virtual useless.
Star Star Star Star Star We need a rubber case like the Amzer Q10 not a pouch
User: Tella L, Jul 18, 2017
I need something to protect the phone while Im using it as Im notorious for dropping my phone. A case + clip holster like Amzer is exactly what I need for the KEYone. All this does is protect it while youre NOT using it. :/
Star Star Star Star Star WHOA!!!
User: Mark K, Apr 16, 2014
Pros: rugged, protective
this case is enormous. it is way to big for the M8 and any other phone for that matter. Unless the phone is ginormous.. Returned it for a refund, not what I was looking for in a case other than the protection it offers

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