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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Signal Boosters

Top 10 Signal Boosters for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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1weBoost SIGNALBOOST DT Dual-Band 800/1900 MHz Desktop Amplifier KitweBoost SIGNALBOOST DT Dual-Band 800/1900 MHz Desktop Amplifier Kit

Perfect for Any Room in a Home or Office. Plug-and-play kit boosts cellular signal in a single room. Transmits and receives an improved wireless signal inside your home or office and requires no physical connection to your phone. The Wilson DT Desktop ki...(More)
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2weBoost MobilePro Cellular Signal BoosterweBoost MobilePro Cellular Signal Booster

The Wilson MobilePro Cellular Signal Booster increses cell phone and data signal more than 20 times and works in vehicles, offices, homes and hotels. Compatible with all cellular/PCS phones and wireless data cards (except iDEN, Nextel and 4G), the Mobile...(More)
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3Noosy Nano sim AdapterNoosy Nano sim Adapter

The Noosy Nano sim Adapter allows you to convert your Nano sim into a Micro Sim or a Standard Sim. Also included is a Micro Sim to Standard Sim adapter. These Nano sim adapters were carved by precision molds and come with stickers that can be used to cut...(More)

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