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Samsung Multimedia Desktop Charger (Clearance)

Other Android accessories by Samsung
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Android Samsung Multimedia Desktop Charger

Product Description

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The Samsung Multimedia Desktop Charger turns most Android phones into a multimedia experience and doubles as a charger!

This Desktop Charger displays photo and movies, play music, and shows weather and time.  On the back of the cradle there is a 3.5mm audio output as well as a micro-USB port for a wall charger, car charger, or USB cable. You can also sync your media to your PC via USB Cable (not included).


  • Syncs Data
  • Charge most Android phones while docked
  • Play Music
  • Watch Movies
  • Micro-USB Wall Charger Included

User Ratings & Opinions

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Star Star Star Star Star Samsung Captivate Docking Station
User: Christopher N, Jun 12, 2012
Pros: Does exactly as you would expect
Cons: A/C cord could be longer
Does exactly as you would expect. Easy insertion and upon initiation allows you to auto open any alarm/clock app that you have loaded. Great for nightstand and/or office desktop.
Star Star Star Star Star Captivate desktop cradle
User: Lil B, Nov 18, 2010
Pros: Automatically kicks device into Desktop mode
Cons: Limited customability of the software used with it
I picked up one of these to have a convenient cradle to hold and charge my Captivate. Before I plugged it in I installed the DeskHome software (available at the Marketplace) and as soon as I plugged it in it immediately kicked into Dock Mode (obviously there is some internal firmware in the dock which communicates with the phone since it just attaches via the microUSB port and no other charging device/option will automatically activate that mode.
There are 2 sockets in the back of the device,
1) where you plug in your USB cable for charging and/or syncing
2) a headphone out jack which cuts the phone speakers and allows you to use headphones or patch into a speaker system via the auxiliary port.
The phone slides easily into the docking port with no jiggling to get the USB hub to mate. My only complaints are about the docking software. It lacks the ability to customize the icons displayed (i.e. I dont use the daily briefing app & would rather replace it with something like twitter or Hoot Suite) also, if you back out of that software to use another app you have to either redock the phone or turn on the app again to get it to consistently revert to the docked screen. IMO once the phone is docked the home icon should activate the docking app not the default home screen which doesnt rotate so youre looking at it sideways.
Star Star Star Star Star the Samsung docking station does not allow data sinc
User: Bill M, Jan 29, 2011
Pros: very easy to insert and remove phone
Cons: no data sync
this would be the perfect docking station if only it would allow data. The mini USB cable, when attached to a PC USB port, for some reason restricts data flow (the PC does not recognize that a device is attached) but allows the cell phone to be charged.
Star Star Star Star Star poor call functionality
User: Tom E, Feb 22, 2011
When in the cradle (i.e., display in landscape mode) main displays and phone/dialing/contacts displays are still in portrait mode. Cradle covers headset jack provided on the cradle is audio-out only. I.e., you cannot use a corded headset with the phone in the cradle. Pretty useless.

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