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Samsung S-View Flip Cover (Clearance)

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Samsung S-View Flip Cover (Clearance) User Reviews

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Star Star Star Star Star LOVE IT!
User: Sandy A, Apr 26, 2016
Pros: S-View Window!
Cons: Limited colors/designs
I absolutely LOVE the functionality of this case!! I always use a flip case for protection of my phones. Being able to access certain things right through the front of the case is AWESOME, especially the camera!

My only suggestion for making it better is to PLEASE offer it in more colors. WHY isnt there a blue? Come on, blue is a popular color! I love having phone cases with flowers and decorations on them also. Please, please offer more colors and some designer-type cases.

Thank you!
Star Star Star Star Star Best ever experience
User: Melvin G, May 24, 2015
Pros: your everyday uses in the window, even the heart monitor wow
Cons: at times its annoying to open the lid because the screen is lock
Great case, wouldnt replace it for any other case that lacks this smart case abilities
Star Star Star Star Star literally peanut butter jelly!
User: Jeanette E, Dec 11, 2014
The technology and adoption to case to phond is phenomenal! Seamless! Great protection. sleek style! Preferably white! Would recommend glass screen protector!
Star Star Star Star Star If you think flip cover, this is your choice
User: Faisal M, Oct 27, 2014
Pros: The leather feel and its soft touch makes the device in hand feel extremely premium
Cons: It may be disturbing while typing or when taking photos
If you think about a flip cover in your mind, there is nothing better than the official samsung S-View cover.
The main reason to buy this is its premium built and genuine leather with original stitchings on sides.
The flip may be a bit frustrating when using camera or while typing and chatting for long hours. But keep in mind. Nothing is perfect, you will always have to make sacrifices may be it small or huge.
This is just the best flip cover in the market
Star Star Star Star Star note 4 s view cover
User: Suzanne G, Apr 13, 2015
Pros: nice look,dont have to open cover to use phone. feel like it provides food protection.
Cons: not a stand, really wanted that.
Love the look.
Star Star Star Star Star It doesnt close
User: B P, Feb 28, 2015
Pros: Looks nice, very professional
Cons: does not stay closed, functionality is very limited
The Note 4 S view case is a really professional looking case and will definitely draw a lot of attention. This will be my Monday case because thats when I have meetings at work. I really dont like how this case will not stay closed at all. The case literally stays open about 3/4 when you try to close the case. This is a major flaw in the design department by Sammy. I think AC should do a better job at letting potential buyers know about this major flaw. I just had to spen an extra $10 for a Spiegen magnetic clip and hopefully that does the trick.

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