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Samsung Spare Battery Charging System w/ Standard 2100mAh NFC Battery

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Android Samsung Spare Battery Charging System w/ Standard 2100mAh NFC Battery

Product Description

The Samsung Spare Battery Charging System comes bundled with a battery charger, wall adapter, and a spare 2100 mAh NFC battery for Android phone.

As the supplied spare battery charges (standard 2100 mAh NFC battery included), your phone can sit snugly in the stand at an optimal viewing angle in portrait mode.

Whether you are watching a movie or reading the news, your handset is perfectly positioned. When you are on the go, the charging unit closes, converting to a compact, carrying case for your spare battery so you're never left stranded with a dead battery.


  • Compact and durable design
  • Includes 2100mAh standard NFC battery
  • Use as a display stand
  • Extremely portable
  • Charger type: Micro-USB
  • 700mAh travel adapter included

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

androidcentral Expert Review

Samsung Spare Battery Charging System review
Reviewed by Gary Mazo
When most people get a smartphone with the capabilities and beautiful screen of the Galaxy S3, they tend to use it…a lot. Even though the Galaxy S3 comes with a rather large 2100mAh battery, the size of the screen and the use of LTE can still drain the device before the day is done.

While not cheap, this Samsung Spare Battery Charging System is a great value and offers great convenience. Being able to carry around a spare, fully charged battery and not lose NFC capabilities is really a terrific thing.


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76 total ratings
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Star Star Star Star Star Should have purchased sooner
User: Rob G, Nov 22, 2012
Pros: Compact charger with 2nd battery.
Cons: No charger in phone cradle.
My only complaints are that this should have come with the S3 and there is no way to charge the phone in the cradle. Thankfully I wont have to charge the battery at work to be able to use my phone once I get home. I will now have a fresh battery waiting for me.
Star Star Star Star Star Samsung Charger plus Battery
User: Felix M, Aug 8, 2012
Pros: Works great. Great features.
Cons: None
Great Product. I highly recommend it. Im very pleased with my purchase.
Star Star Star Star Star Amazing value
User: Robert R, Jun 30, 2012
Pros: 3 Products for the price of 1
Cons: -
Based on the product image, at first I thought that this was just a super expensive charger but then realized that this is actually a "kit" made up of the battery charger + battery + wall charger. Under these conditions I dont think that you can find better value out there. Love it!
Star Star Star Star Star Samsung Spare Battery Charging System w/ Standard 2100mAH NFC Battery
User: Sonley L, Nov 14, 2012
Pros: Good price for what it says it is, which is charging system for furnished battery.
Cons: Does not provide for charging the phone while in the cradle.
I had a similar device for my Samsung Captivate. I loved the ability to charge the phone and charge the extra battery at the same time. This item does not advertise this feature so the phone discharges its battery while in the cradle. I would have preferred charging phone and battery at the same time.

It is convenient to have the extra charged battery in an easily carried case.
Star Star Star Star Star The Slot Is Too Thin
User: Timothy B, Sep 20, 2012
Pros: Its good to have a way to charge one battery while using another
Cons: The slot for the phone is too thin.
I had one of these for my S1. Of course the S3 has a bigger battery so the battery charger doesnt fit so I got this one.

My S1 was in a case by Body Glove and it fit in the slot of the S1 charger just fine. My S3 is in a case about the same thickness as the Body Glove but the S3 cant stand up in this new charger unless I take it out of the case. Thats not really convenient.
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