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Samsung Vehicle Navigation Mount (Clearance)

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Samsung Vehicle Navigation Mount (Clearance) User Reviews

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Star Star Star Star Star Great holder
User: Robert N, Dec 18, 2012
Pros: Easy to use and does the job
Cons: A bit sticky getting the phone out in cold weather
I have had this holder for over 6 months now. I use it both for GPS and listening to audio books in my car.

This holder charges the phone while in the cradle with no additional connections. The same is true of the audio cable when you use it. There are a couple of reviews here that say that is not the case. They may not be using the GSM version of the GN.

The holder can hold on a bit too tight when it gets cold (less than 10F). Other than that its been great.
Star Star Star Star Star Awesome Dock!
User: Juan R, Oct 3, 2012
Pros: Convenient charge, secure and landscape when docked
Cons: No quick release
Great for GPS navigation. You have the option of using Bluetooth or aux 1/8" headphone cable to hook up to your head unit for better audio experience. (I would recommend aux cable for better quality). I play Pandora or Google Music and GPS simultaneously, which gives directions and the music will attenuate (ATT) and resume when directions are given.

The features are just as good as having a $1,200 head unit when used in junction with the mount. The suction cup is secure. I have a pretty decent sound system and my 1600 Watt custom system does not knock off the mount.
Star Star Star Star Star Great "Holder", as Described
User: Jimmy P, Jun 21, 2012
Pros: Firm, vibration free, easy to mount holder and phone
Cons: A bit pricey..
This is a very good holder for the Nexus, which it does very well, (not a dock). I mainly use it for GPS, and also with my Kiwi device that displays vehicle info through the OBD2 connector. My car and Kiwi streams Bluetooth, so I only need to plug in the charger. I also use an extended battery with my phone (2100 mAh, VZW: SAMI515BATX), and this holder works with this battery and battery door in place. Its sturdy, and provides a firm, vibration free grip on my phone, and windshield. And, its smart looks match the Nexus, too!
Good job, Samsung! No regrets, here!
Star Star Star Star Star Accurate Decription and GREAT Performance
User: Ed S, Feb 20, 2012
Pros: Does EXACTLY what its supposed to
Cons: -
Simply put, the people reviewing this negatively are either illiterate or foolish. Or likely both.

The description CLEARLY indicates no charging and no audio.

People, if you are too lazy (or dumb) to read BEFORE you purchase, that is YOUR fault not the products.

Star Star Star Star Star Does what it says
User: Eleazar H, Feb 14, 2012
Pros: Holds device well. Looks nice
Cons: None really
Hey Troy Blundersmith: Read the freakin description. Your negatives were explained clearly to you in the product description. It does not charge or do audio out, but just holds the unit.

Why do you give 1 star for not doing what you should have already know. Baffoon!
Star Star Star Star Star Naaahhhh.
User: G B, Apr 11, 2012
Pros: Its a phone holder
Cons: Its a pain
Just tried it and was comparing it to the car dock when I had an HTC Thunderbolt. THIS one for the Nexus.well, you have to put your phone in, plug in the charger into your phone, and then plug in your aux cable too..each time! I want the one thats selling overseas. It has the charger connected and you just put your phone in and the 3 pins charge your phone. I CALLED SAMSUNG TODAY AND THE UNITED STATES IS NOT GETTING THIS! THEY HAD NO INFORMATION ON IT FOR US AT ALL. Ugh. I am seriously thinking that when Im up for a new phone, it may not be a samsung due to their lack of accessories. HTC and Motorola are on the ball! Sorry Samsung.
Star Star Star Star Star Very cheap only holds phone
User: Rich H, Mar 29, 2012
Pros: holds phone
Cons: everything else
This dock is the worse dock Ive every had. With most docks these days you can have an extended battery and it will still hold the phone. Most docks support docking functions where the display will stay on while in dock and other functions like conect to bluetooth etc. The 3 point connection is not used on this you have to plug in cord and again display does not stay on. This mount does nothing but hold phone, If that is all you want you can get something like that on ebay for much less.
Star Star Star Star Star No Charging or Audio
User: Troy B, Mar 20, 2012
Pros: Holds Phone
Cons: Doesnt Do Anything Else
This dock is just an overpriced piece of plastic. It doesnt use the 3 pogo pins and doesnt have an audio out.

[P.S. This is my 2nd review on this item because my first was removed. Apparently the operators of this site only want you to see the positive reviews.]
Star Star Star Star Star Worst in car experience ever
User: Terry M, Mar 20, 2012
This is the worst car dock I have ever used. Every time I put my phone into it I feel like I am going to break the volume and power buttons. When the phone is in the cradle you have to plug in the power, which goes thru the dock mount, meaning if you take your phone out you have to remember to unplug it first. Taking the phone out of the dock is difficult and I often end up "shooting" my phone out of the dock and drop ping it on the floor.

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