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Seidio CONVERT Combo

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Android Seidio CONVERT Combo

Product Description

Do you have one phone and multiple cases? Eliminate the need for two different cases with this CONVERT Combo.

Put on the first layer, the Innocase II Surface, when using most Android phones everyday. When you're in tough or rugged conditions put on the Rugged Skin and Skeleton and securely hold most Android phones wherever you go with the Seidio Locking Holster.  When you don't need the extra protection, simply remove the Rugged Skin and Skeleton.

This combo includes the Ultimate Screen Guard, Innocase II Surface, a Rugged Skin and Skeleton and the Innocase Rugged holster.

Ultimate Screen Guard

  • Only 0.1mm thick and retains your touch screen's sensitivity and clarity
  • Good surface hardness with a 3H hardness rating
  • Designed speicifically for Android phone ensuring a precise fit

Innocase II Surface

  • 1mm thin case provides scratch protection without adding bulk
  • Designed from a hard, yet flexible material
  • Seidio's signature Soft Touch coating
  • Simple slide-in design makes installation and removal easy
  • Precision cutouts for port, controls, camera and kickstand

Rugged Skin and Skeleton

  • 2.5mm thin silicone case that fits over Innocase II Surface
  • All controls are covered to keep dust and dirt out and remain functional
  • Ports and camera are covered, but silicone covers can be removed
  • Plastic frame fits over the back of the case for tighter fit and added protection

Innocase CONVERT Holster

  • Fits up to a 2" duty or utility belt
  • Securely holds most Android phones with locking mechanism on top clip
  • Swivel clip allows you to position most Android phones in 7 different ways

Please Note: Kickstand is not accessible with the Rugged Skin and Skeleton installed

androidcentral Expert Review

HTC EVO 4G case review: Seidio CONVERT Combo
Reviewed by Joshua Munoz
When I look at the Seidio CONVERT Combo for the HTC EVO 4G, I think it's definitely for the most rough-and-tumble of Android users out there. This is for the types who need to check their email while scaling a mountainside, the people who send a text while skydiving, or those prone to dropping their phones on the ground (a lot). Or not.

When your phone is completely outfitted, not an inch is exposed to the elements, as if to say, "Yeah, try and get in here, spec of dust." That's actually true, though, as the rubber skin covers all the ports of your phone (camera included) to create an armor so impenetrable not even dust can get in. Fortunately, the flaps are all easily pulled back, so you can access whatever you need, whenever you need it.

The only downside to such a complete protective package is losing access to your kickstand, but if you're doing such daring and death-defying acts to need a case this intense, it's a rather small price to pay.


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109 total ratings
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16% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Like a safe!
User: J S, Apr 1, 2011
Pros: two different cases, screen protector, lock on the clip
Cons: bulky
Its like putting it in a safe. big and bulky but worth the investment
Star Star Star Star Star Great Rugged Case
User: Osker H, Dec 7, 2010
Pros: protects well and all keys are Accessible.
Cons: none so far!!
Best case I ever bought for a smart-phone!! This case will last a lifetime. If u want maximum protection I recommend this case.
Star Star Star Star Star Now my EVO is perfect
User: Barry S, Dec 7, 2010
Pros: level of protection
Cons: none at this time
A no brainer to own this rugged, protective case if you have an EVO with the extended battery. I received mine today and feel that the phone is now truly protected on all sides. Easy access to all controls and no negatives as far as button response or touchscreen and camera access. Thank you Seidio!!
Star Star Star Star Star Truly Rugged
User: Steven T, Aug 31, 2010
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: NONE!
I am so glad that I got this protection for my EVO. Went to Yosemite Village, Camp Curry for a 3 day Vacation. While Charging the EVO from the Ceiling lamp Sockets, I dropped it from 7 feet high! Absolutely nothing happened to the phone, not even a scratch. This is by far the best case for the EVO. Siedio is all I will ever use!
Star Star Star Star Star tom
User: tom h, Aug 4, 2010
Pros: Superior protection
Cons: adds a little bulk
After noticing a small scratch on the screen of my EVO I decided that I wanted a strong case to defend it. This case is great it has an inner hard case with felt lining inside to prevent scratching that fits very snug, an screen protector and an outer shell rubberized case that can be left off or put on for added protection. This case also includes a spring actuated belt holster which faces the screen inwards pressed against a felt lining.

I highly recommend this case if you are looking for superior protection without too much bulk and the belt clip clears up some pocket room that is lost holding just the large EVO itself.
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