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Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle

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Android Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle

Product Description

The Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle allows you to dock most Android phones for safe and convenient charging and syncing at the office or at your nightstand.

This sturdy charging dock is compatible with Seidio SURFACE and DILEX cases (sold separately) for most Android phones without having to remove most Android phones from the case. A discreet LED light is provided on the cradle to let you know the charging progress of most Android phones. 

The smooth matte finish offers a unique and professional look to any desk.

*Includes standard micro-USB sync cable


  • Sturdy Micro-USB connector
  • Works with Android phone
  • Compatible with Seidio SURFACE and DILEX cases
  • Use to sync and charge device
  • LED indicator light
  • Smooth matte finish
  • Use at office or on nightstand

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

androidcentral Expert Review

Seidio Desktop Cradle review - simple stylish syncing
Reviewed by Simon Sage
The Seidio Desktop Cradle offers a simple, stylish way to charge and sync your phone. The flexible USB connector allows the phone to lean free-form against the backrest, while the heavy based with grip pads keeps it from moving around too much.

The Seidio Desktop Cradle offers a simple, classy way to showcase your device while it’s charging or syncing - be it in the bedroom or on your desk.


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Star Star Star Star Star Overall good Dock
User: Chris R, Feb 4, 2014
Pros: Allows charge and sync with most models. Able to leave many cases on while charging.
Cons: Leans back a bit far. USB Plug doesnt allow phone to sit very sturdy side-to-side.
Ive used this for a while now with an imported hard plastic case. I love that I can leave the case on my phone and charge, but its very loose while on the plug as the phone isnt able to rest fully on the charger. Without the case on, I think it is noticeably more loose.

Having the USB plug moveable (front to back) is a big plus which allows for many different cases. With the case I have, or without a case at all, it feels like it leans back a bit further than I care for but this is really just personal preference.

The charging time is fine for me. Some note that they want a faster charge I think a slower charge is fine since it seems like the faster you charge a battery, the faster it drains (I have zero proof of this of course).

Out of all available cradles, this one best fits my needs and wants. I did a try a certain other white cradle which wasnt compatible when the case was on my phone. I suspect that could be modded a bit though. As for this one, a bit of felt helps keep things from tipping side-to-side so much.
Star Star Star Star Star Good Charging Dock for Samsung Devices
User: Zane R, Sep 17, 2012
Pros: Works with multiple Samsung Phones even with Cases installed
Cons: Slow Charge via PC USB connection
Overall this a a good docking unit, especially since it can work with most current Samsung devices even with a skin or case installed.

My only gripe would be that it doesnt allow for high current charging and data sync at the same time. Some other docks I have owned have both an AC power adapter and a USB sync cable, so you can charge at a higher current (via wall plug) than what USB allows for, and still access the files on your phone on the PC.

This unit still charges and syncs, albeit at a very slow charging rate.

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