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Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle

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List Price: $29.95
Price: $24.95
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Android Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle

Product Description

This convenient desktop cradle keeps most Android phones charged and ready to go.  Sync and charge most Android phones without the hassle of removing your SURFACE, SURFACE Extended, ACTIVE, or ACTIVE Extended case with the included USB cable.


  • Convenient desktop charging cradle
  • Syncs and chargesAndroid phone
  • Allows horizontal viewing media
  • Soft touch coating
  • LED light on back of cradle
  • Removable insert for use with SURFACE, SURFACE Extended, ACTIVE or ACTIVE Extended cases
  • Compatible with extended batteries
  • Included Micro-USB cable

Please Note: This product is not compatible with the CONVERT case and is not guaranteed to be compatible with other manufacturers' products. Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

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Star Star Star Star Star Best Dock In Recent Memory
User: Jon C, Jun 23, 2011
Pros: Fits with the Seidio Cases No Wear and Tear on Device Power Button, Headphone Jack and Volume Rocker still User-Accessible
Cons: None with the hardware however, the lack of horizontal applications is annoying
This dock is amazing for what it is. You dont have the fancy bells and whistles of docking pins or bluetooth, but what it does do, it does well. It docks the phone, and doesnt damage the device in doing so. Basic, but pretty hard to come by, for whatever reason. The dock comes with a USB cable, and thats it. Wouldve been nice to have a spare wall adapter, but oh well.

Basically, you want to use this dock if you have a Seidio case, though it will work with a bare device. I recommend the "Surface" series case, as it protects the phone nicely without adding too much bulk, or picking up any lint.

The dock comes with a removable, high-gloss plate, inserted into the base. You remove that piece of plastic (pry it out with your fingernail), and the phone (with case) easily inserts into the dock. There is extra room for a bigger battery protrusion, if youre using the Seidio extended battery / extended case. Were you to go caseless, that high-gloss plate would simply be re-inserted so that the phone wont jiggle in the mold.

Im just using the Thunderbolt (stock battery) with the Innocase Surface, and it just glides into place. No fuss, no damage to the USB port. The phone easily clicks into place, and is easily removed with minimal force. This is exactly how a dock should be designed (so long as were stuck with Micro USB, rather than docking pins).

The dock itself is properly weighted and nicely designed (with soft-touch paint). The only possibly downside is that it has a green LED on the backside. That said, the LED is extremely weak, and probably wont keep you up at night.

If youre looking for a great docking solution for the Thunderbolt, look no further. This is one of the highest-quality docks Ive ever owned, and Im extremely happy with the purchase for the Thunderbolt.

Comparatively, I have the official OEM dock (bluetooth swivel) for the HTC Glacier (myTouch 4G), which is one of the worst docks, of all-time. That dock damaged my phones USB port, smashed the power button to the point where it wouldnt bounce back up and costs $20 more than this Seidio dock. If only Seidio supported every phone, fully.

Grab this dock if you have a Thunderbolt. You wont be disappointed.
Star Star Star Star Star Just got it today
User: Christian W, Jun 21, 2011
Pros: classy looking,functional
Cons: None yet
When I had my Evo, I was waiting for something like this but it never materialized. Now that I have my TBolt, and this,it works pretty damn awesome. Im running Launcher Pro so landscape is always available, and it charges my phone as well (dont know why others claim is doesnt charge theirs). Slingplayer + this = heaven.
Star Star Star Star Star Great desk charger
User: Brenda , Jun 20, 2011
Pros: Great for charging and watching video or tv
Cons: None
Watch video or tv while charging, no longer used kickstand unless listening to music. No problems with charging as I used phone charger instead of laptop plug in . Seems to take a little longer than normal charging, but receives a full charge. Screen does not rotate automatically, unless in an apk, as this is normal on Htc phones. I am very satisfied with my purchase of the desk charger and im looking forward to loads of use.
Star Star Star Star Star Mixed Review
User: M T, Jun 16, 2011
Pros: Looks Nice
Cons: Didnt Charge my Phone
I think this quirk actually has to do with the phone, as once its in the cradle it doesnt rotate the home screen OR the Desk Clock screen, like my OG Droid did. The Droid had a cradle screen which I loved but you put the T-bolt on this & it stays at the vertical home screen. Like I said this is probably more HTC than Seidio but just be aware unless your going to an app that actually rotates your screen IE music, Pandora, Facebook, etc that rotates the screen to landscape for you, then its going to look just weird.

Now on the Seidio side, I had my phone on the dock all night the first day I got it, woke up in the morning & it was only at 53 & yes, I did had my computer running the whole night, it wasnt in sleep mode or anything. Im returning.
Star Star Star Star Star Really had high hopes, but..
User: Evan G, Jun 21, 2011
Pros: Supports extended battery
Cons: Extremely difficult to remove phone from cradle
I missed my OG Droid cradle so much, I finally decided to bite the bullet and pick this thing up.

First and foremost, the TBolt does not have a landscape cradle screen like the OG Droid does. Im not lowering the score based on that fact since its not Seidos fault, just thought Id mention it.

My TBolt has an extended battery, so this cradle was a must. Thats the biggest benefit -- it supports TBots with the extended battery AND Seido cases. Thats a big plus.

But thats where the positives end. First, I tried using the longer Droid charger cable to connect this cradle to an outlet as opposed to included USB cable. It didnt work. I had to use my longer Kindle charger cable to get it to finally function property.

Also, removing the phone from this cradle is extremely tedious. While the OG Droids cradle allowed an easy entrance/exit, this cradle holds on to the TBolt for dear life, so you have to hold down the cradle to yank (yes, yank) the TBolt out.

Those two cons alone make me really disappointed in this product. If you have a TBolt with an extended battery, you dont have much of a choice, but this isnt the ideal extended battery TBolt cradle.

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