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Seidio DILEX Case (with kickstand) for LG Nexus 4

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List Price: $34.95
Price: $22.95
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Seidio DILEX Case (with kickstand) Black
Part# A13436
In Stock
Seidio DILEX Case (with kickstand) Garnet Red
Garnet Red
Part# A13438
In Stock
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LG Nexus 4 Seidio DILEX Case (with kickstand)

Product Description

Created for those that have and want to maintain their active lifestyle in mind, the Seidio DILEX Case provides great shock and impact absorption while adding minimal bulk to your LG Nexus 4.

This two-layer case features a compact and lightweight rubber polymer with a precisely positioned hard skeleton for added protection. The arachnid design of the skeleton extends out to protect vulnerable parts of your LG Nexus 4, such as the corners and sides.


  • Obtain maximum protection with minimal thickness 
  • Interior casing made from highly durable and impact absorbing polymer
  • Hard exterior skeleton is finished with Seidio's signature rubberized coating and provides extra protection at the corners and sides
  • Case will not interfere with photo quality or flash
  • Easy to put in and pull out of your pocket or purse and finger grooves for easy gripping
  • The power and volume buttons are covered but remain functional while all other ports and controls are open and accessible 
  • Retractable kickstand for convenient viewing

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

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Star Star Star Star Star Very nice case
User: Bibliovore S, Mar 4, 2013
Pros: Great fit, feel, kickstand
Cons: Cant use wireless charger with case on
Im very happy with this case.

* It fits quite well -- its snug and secure, but it doesnt impede the camera or any of the jacks, and the buttons are covered by the case (slightly better protecdtion for them, I suppose) but still work exactly as they should. Its nonetheless very easy to put on and remove. As the Nexus 4 screen goes right to the edge of the phone, the soft part of this case does overlap it by a tiny bit, but I havent found that to be a problem.
* It doesnt add too much much bulk -- it does add some, because its a two-layer keep-it-safe case, but not as much as, say, some of the ones patterend like tire treads. Pretty good for the protection it offers.
* The texture is great. The rubberized metal shell has a pleasant, not-quite-slick feel, is nicely smooth, and doesnt get cold the way uncoated metal would and doesnt slide around the way the unsheathed Nexus 4 does. The soft polymer case is exposed at the sides, which gives it an easy no-slip grip without making it hard to get in or out of your pocket. The metal shell holds the soft one not just at the corners but also in the middle of each long side, so you dont get any gappiness there.
* The kickstand is surprisingly nice. Its unobtrusive when not in use, never opens until you deliberately open it, and supports the phone well enough that you can easily use the touchscreen. Its landscape-only I wish it also worked for the portait orientation. (Bidirectional stands work great for photo frames why arent they on phone cases?)

Be aware that you cant use wireless/induction charging with this case on. This isnt a problem for me, but if you just shelled out for a spiffy wireless charger or have your heart set on one, you need to either get a different case or resign yourself to removing this one every time you charge.
Star Star Star Star Star great case
User: Charles G, Mar 2, 2013
this case fits perfect. Had the same style case for the thunderbolt and it was a little bulky but this case adds hardly any bulk at all. I will be buying another for my wife. I also like the protection it gives
Star Star Star Star Star Perfect
User: Lee A, Feb 8, 2013
This case fits like a glove. Contrary to what I saw on other reviews, this case isnt bulky at all.
Star Star Star Star Star Works Great
User: William G, Feb 7, 2013
Pros: Kickstand works good and stays in place when not in use.
Cons: -
Product went on smoothly. It holds on to the phone well and doesnt slip around. I love the kickstand since I used to have it on my old HTC phone. The rubberized sides make it good for holding and operating the phone, but the metal back keeps it slick. I also got the belt clip for it and they work well together as expected. I dont have anything bad to say for the case other than when inserting it into the belt clip you have to watch what you are doing. If not you can pull the side off the case a little. Other than that it is a great choice for the Nexus 4.

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