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Seidio DILEX Case (with kickstand)

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Android Seidio DILEX Case (with kickstand)

Product Description

The Android phone DILEX Case with kickstand by Seidio balances next-level, hybrid protection with a slim profile and convenient design.

This hybrid Android phone case combines two layers of shock absorbing protection; a compact, silicone core underneath a strong polycarbonate exterior that wraps around the back and impact points.

Notably the most unique feature of this Android phone hybrid case is the magnetic kickstand on the back. This retractable stand comes in handy when watching movies, slideshows or displaying your calendar or clock in a landscape position. When you're done using the kickstand, it simply snaps back into the DILEX Case, retaining its sleek form.

Unlike many hybrid cases on the market, the DILEX Case is one of the most attenuated skin/hard case combinations available. It's comfortable to keep in your pocket or purse, without the struggle of removing such style cases.

In addition to its dual-layer design, the DILEX Case provides access to the screen, camera, ports and buttons; making it a sure solution for anyone shopping for a rugged and convenient Android phone hard case.


  • Sleek, dual-layer design
  • Shock absorbing silicone core 
  • Strong polycarbonate exterior
  • Durable protection at main impact points
  • Magnetic kickstand for landscape viewing
  • Access to screen, camera, ports and buttons
  • Easy to grip and store in pocket or purse

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

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Star Star Star Star Star Amazing Case!!
User: Shawn V, Dec 21, 2013
Pros: Thin, Lightweight, Attractive, Good Protection, Handy Kickstand On Back Of Case
Cons: Top of case where the clip latches onto phone is rubber and sometimes causes clip to not secure properly
The case in general is amazing. I just replaced a similar case with this one and I have already got compliments on how slimmer and better looking this case is. The case is light and isnt bulky, especially the back where some of the cases Ive had are huge and bulged out in the back, but not this one. All of the access points are open and the rubber that covers the push button switches is perfect and doesnt require you to push on them any harder that you normally would without a case. It gives you a much better grip of the phone and the back kickstand works good but they could have put it more in the center of the case to balance the phone while you are using it. You can knock the phone over if you push on the opposite side of the phone, as it is not balanced very well. As for the belt clip, its a very durable and handy companion for this case. The phone can be removed instantly without any hassle and it holds the phone securely in the clip. My only complaint is that the top center of the case is soft rubber and not the hard shell that covers the soft rubber that goes around your phone. Because of this, sometimes the top clip on the belt clip will cause the soft rubber top to pull away from the phone, getting caught on the clip itself when you pull the phone out of the clip. You also have to be careful that the top clip latches properly when you insert the phone into the clip, because again, that top soft rubber part of the case thats exposed to the clip, will sometimes bunch up, causing the clip to only latch about 30 of the way and if left like that, the phone could fall out of the clip because its not secured all of the way. If youre careful and make sure that the clip latches properly each time that you put your phone back in it, youll be fine, as the phone fits snug in the belt clip if done properly. All in all I highly recommend both products!!
Star Star Star Star Star great drop protection
User: Robert S, Dec 3, 2013
As an Atty, I use my note 3 all day long. First thing this am I exited my vehicle, believing the phone was securely on my holster. It was not and I heard a sicking thud. I noticed muy note 3 bounce on the pavement. I was shocked and surprised that other than several scratches on the edge of the polymer Skelton case, over the foam primary cover-the phone itself worked perfectly with absolutely no damage to it. So little damage to the case itself that its no big deal. Absolutely wonderful protection.
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent
User: Troy B, Nov 14, 2013
Pros: Great protection without the bulk .
Cons: -
I bought the case and holster and found them both to be Excellent. Great protection without the bulk of many other cases. I would highly recommend this case and!
Star Star Star Star Star Good looking case
User: Susan F, Jun 25, 2014
Pros: kick stand and eye appeal, gripper sides
Cons: The rubber lining is slick and hard to hold, it slips in your hand. If it had been all hard rubber it would have been perfect.
Ultimately I returned it because it didnt work for me.
Star Star Star Star Star Ok Case but may not be for everyone
User: Ray D, Mar 21, 2014
Pros: Nice looking, Good protection, Kickstand, Holster
Cons: Very soft rubber
I bought this case for my Note 3 while waiting for the Seidio Obex case to come out. The case is very nice looking but I cannot stand how soft the silicone is on the case. I bought this case with the holster and while the holster works good the clip grabs on the silicone case and pulls it away every time you try to put the phone in the holster. I decided to just put the phone in my pocket and forget about the holster but that is even worse, the case is a huge lint magnet. When you try to grab the phone from your pocket if you dont pull it out by the corners where the plastic is it feels like you are going to rip the silicone cover right off. The top is not as flimsy as the bottom because there is more material on the top. The nice part of the extremely soft silicone case is that it really adds some grip to the phone which is something the Obex cases lack. This case does add some bulk but nothing to complain about but my quest for a nice holster case is going to continue.
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