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Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Battery (Clearance)

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Android Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Battery

Product Description

Note: Not eligible for promotions, already on clearance

With 125% more power than that standard battery that comes with most Android phones, this extended battery from Seidio, will keep you powered up all day.

Even though this battery offers a lot more power, the battery will only extend most Android phones by 5 mm and your hand will rest comfortably on the battery door which is included.

The door is made from a hard plastic with a smooth rubberized finish, so you will have a better grip of your phone. The door also has cutouts for the camera and speaker which will give a better overall sound quality than the original battery door.

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Star Star Star Star Star Seido Extended battery case
User: Simon L, Sep 17, 2010
Pros: Battery is awesome.
Cons: Battery case has a lot to be desired
This is my 2nd extended battery over the past few years and I feel its the best on the market. However, the case is super thin and flimsy. Seidos replacement policy is very good but I wish they would just make a better case, since nothing else seems to work. I am extremely careful with my phone and I keep it in a padded case but it just doesnt seem to hold up with daily use.

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