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Seidio Innocell 2800mAh Extended Battery

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Android Seidio Innocell 2800mAh Extended Battery

Product Description

The Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery is for the avid traveler who can't always get to a charger. It has up to 87% more capacity than the original and comes with a black replacement door featuring Seidio's signature soft touch coating.

Even with heavy phone and data usage, this battery will keep you charged and ready to go!


  • Made from the highest quality Japanese Cells
  • Comes with a black replacement door featuring Seidio's soft touch coating
  • Adds only 0.9cm to most Android phones
  • Keeps most Android phones charged and ready to go, even with heavy phone and data usage
  • Capacity:  2800mAh - Double the original battery's capacity

Please Note: All battery life claims are dependent upon usage patterns, network configuration and many other factors; actual results will vary.

User Ratings & Opinions

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67 total ratings
(12 reviews)
30% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
18% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
6% rated Score 3/5 Score 3/5 Score 3/5 51
9% rated Score 2/5 Score 2/5 51
37% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star You all are idiots.
User: Pissed A, Nov 19, 2010
Pros: Very long charge, more than double than normal.
Cons: Droid OS does not "believe" the battery on how much life is left.
To everyone who says that its the batterys fault that the Droid OS doesnt know how accurate the battery life is an idiot. You all need to get your heads out of your ass and use common sense. This battery is giving you over 87 more charge at once and your bitching because you have to reboot your phone, which takes a whole 15 seconds. You people are ridiculous and ignorant. Go buy an iPhone.
Star Star Star Star Star great battery if you dont mind the size
User: James H, Mar 4, 2010
Pros: long life even with extensive use
Cons: large size can take away from compact phone
battery is great definitely worth the price if you use your droid extensively with apps and services.
Star Star Star Star Star not as bad as some say
User: Jerry S, Jun 6, 2010
Pros: about double the life
Cons: little bulky and incorrect battery gauge
Im not sure why some gave such a poor rating. Its obvious they dont have a clue to how rechargeable batteries work and some actually dont understand that the OS is part of the problem here.
1. Yes the OS cant read the charge on the battery. And yes that is Motorolas fault.
2. This battery lasts about double the time a regular battery lasts. Its even possible to get some more life out of it because its only had about three good charges since I got it. So to those who sent theirs back. Youre a fool. Rechargeable batteries need to build up because they have a memory.
All in all its not a bad battery for the price.

Star Star Star Star Star Not compatible with phone OS
User: David P, Jun 14, 2010
Pros: Actually does get extended life
Cons: Battery life is not reported accurately
The battery does indeed provide extended life. Unfortunately, after about 6 hours the phone (and various battery life apps) report the battery as almost completely drained. As noted in other reviews, you have to turn off the phone, then turn it back on again to get an accurate reading -- after which it begins showing the high discharge rate again. Whether or not this is Seidios fault or Motorolas fault is kind of immaterial -- the question you have to ask yourself is whether you are willing to trade the longer life for being completely in the dark as to the actual charge state of the battery.
Star Star Star Star Star Doesnt work as expected,........
User: DougK t, Mar 31, 2010
Pros: Battery life is long
Cons: Needs constant rebooting
Id love it, if I didnt have to turn the phone off and on again and again to get it to switch between cells to (somewhat) function correctly. It constantly tells me ethe battery is about to die, and after the reboot, the power is up to 90 or better,.....again and again.

Great try, in theory,.....but horrible in reality.
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