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Seidio Innodock Jr. Desktop Cradle

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Android Seidio Innodock Jr. Desktop Cradle

Product Description

The Seidio Innodock Jr. is a convenient desktop cradle that allows you to sync and charge most Android phones at the same time.  It is compatible with bare phones as well as phones using any one of the Seidio Innocases or Skins. 

The Innodock Jr.'s distinctive domeshape provides users an alternative to a boring, square dock.


  • Unique design allows for syncing and charging at the same time.
  • Charge via included USB cable
  • LED Power Display
  • Compatible with Seidio Skins, Innocases, and Innocell Extended Life Batteries

User Ratings & Opinions

Avg. Rating
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61 total ratings
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21% rated Score 1/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star AWESOME!
User: Ken G, Apr 23, 2012
Pros: Works great, Includes a USB extention cable
Cons: Could use some side support
I got this to replace a Clingo universal pedestal as it lost its "sticky" on the second replacement pad. This cradle works great with the Sedio extended battery for teh Epic 4G touch (Galaxy S2). Some have complaned that this uses a STANDARD USB plug instead of the micro USB that the phone uses, BUT..BUT Sedio has included a USB extention cable that plug into the USB power Plug that was INCLUDED with the PHONE! That said, there is no basis for their complaint. The stand would benefit from side support to keep the phone a bit more stable as it is held by just the plug itself. Otherwise, its great!
Star Star Star Star Star Not Great, but Not Bad Either
User: Rob M, Jan 25, 2012
Pros: Can use cradle with case on the phone, Flexibility of use, It looks nice.
Cons: No provision for AC charging. Phone a bit wobbly on the cradel.
First, this is a nice looking charging stand. Its not your typical square box shape. It can be used for either charging or transfering data with your phone - just like plugging your phone into your computer with the USB cable that came with it. The picture shows a power adapter plug on the back of the unit along with the USB port. However, that little hole is NOT for a power adaptor. It probably used to be, but now its just a hole with a little plastic plug inserted to close it off. So, if you want to use this cradle for charging your phone on a night table (which is why I bought it), then you have to also buy a 5v AC adaptor that you can plug a standard USB cable into. This cradle does come with the standard USB data/charge cable.

Perhaps the nicest thing about this cradle is that you can fit almost any phone on it that has a center-bottom mini USB port (like my Samsung Galaxy Nexus). AND, best of all, you can leave the phone in the case. There is plenty of room to acommodate almost any tight fitting hard or soft case. The same feature, however, makes the phone a bit wobbly on the cradle. But the USB plug does fit snuggly, so theres little chance of the phone falling off. The USB port on the cradle does pivot back and forth, to allow the phone to rest against the back support regardless of the width of the phone.
Star Star Star Star Star Only works with standard USB cable, not micro USB!!
User: Jerry M, Jan 16, 2012
Pros: Cradle is fine, although it could use a little more vertical support
Cons: Input is only with std USB cable, so only works with PC w/o additional equipment.
I was disappointed that the cradle only has a std USB input (and an optional AC input). All of the chargers that comes with the Galaxy Nexus phone use the micro-USB cable, so the only way to use the cradle for charging is to plug it in your PC without buying additional equipment. The description is misleading.

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