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Seidio Mini USB to 3.5mm Adapter

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Android Seidio Mini USB to 3.5mm Adapter

Product Description

This adapter converts the 11 pin Enhanced mini USB to a 3.5mm standard stereo headphone jack and includes a built-in microphone and answer button. This adapter will allow you to use the built-in microphone for multiple reasons: to make calls, to use in an application (such as taking notes), or as a voice recorder/voice commander or skype.

Without unplugging it from your phone, this adapter will allow you to have phone conversations. And with its integrated one touch button and built-in microphone, you will be able to answer and hang up on calls and then immediately return to your music.

The cable is approximately 10 cm long and comes with a 11 pin Enhanced mini USB jack on one end that converts to a 3.5 mm female jack on the other end, allowing you to directly plug in any stereo device that has a standard 3.5mm audio jack, such as your favorite pair of headphones or headset.

*Note: Audio function only. This adapter does not provide data and power connections.

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